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Northwoods Philatelic Society

APS Chapter #1477

Classroom Wing, First Lutheran Church, 1210 S. Stephenson Ave., 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7:00 pm

Pat Murra, President
Milt Wirth, Vice-President
Mark Pleyte, Treasurer
Jim Stearns, Secretary/Bulletin Editor

MAY MEETING REMINDER The May meeting of the Northwoods Philatelic Society will take place in the fellowship hall of the First Lutheran Church, on Tuesday, May 16th. The church is located at 1210 South Stephenson Avenue, in Iron Mountain, next door to KFC. The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm, and will feature a short business meeting, treats and our popular auction. Be sure and be there, and bring a friend, or "fallen away" member. Tom Pleyte will be providing the treats for the May meeting. Barb Heupel has added her name to the list, and will handle the June treats.

APRIL MEETING MINUTES: The April meeting was called to order by President Pat Murra. We had ten in attendance, and we were delighted that Pam Alfredson, Barb Heupel's niece, again made it from Norway. Looks like Pam may become a regular. Welcome Pam.

OLD BUSINESS: The minutes of the March meeting, as contained in the April newsletter, were approved unanimously. Mark Pleyte's treasurer's report was likewise approved.

Milt Wirth led a discussion regarding the slate of officers to fill the 2017-2018 year. Tom Pleyte had volunteered to step up and serve as V.P. again, which is about the tenth time Tom has done this. Thanks so much Tom for all you do for this club. Milt will take the gavel for the May meeting, and Mark Pleyte and Jim Stearns agreed to fulfill their duties of Treasurer and Secretary respectively, for another year. A unanimous ballot was cast for the above slate, and these changes will take place with the May meeting.

Finally, someone pointed out that the ATFP contained a full page ad from Jim & Millie Stearns, and Jim was probed about retirement plans. Jim noted that this brings an end to doing the heavy work of loading and unloading and setting up and tearing down at shows, but that he and Millie will continue to do Internet sales, through EBAY, and Hippostcards web sites.

Jim Stearns reminded members of the approaching deadlines for committing and preparing for the miniature exhibits at WISCOPEX. Jim and Jan Bryne have submitted their exhibits for inclusion in the club challenge, and Mark Pleyte has forwarded his as well. As we go to press, we are just back from WISCOPEX, and the exhibits were very well done and often discussed. Way to go members!!!

NEW BUSINESS: Jim Stearns reminded the club that we need to appoint an official club delegate or delegates to the annual business meeting of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs, which will be held at WISCOPEX. Due to uncertainty of travel plans, three names were designated. Glen Kivela, Jim Stearns and Milt Wirth were all duly elected as delegates, with the "official" delegate to be determined at check in time, in Stevens Point. Jim will forward a note of credentials to Ken Grant, secretary of the WFSC, via email.

We were informed that our old friend, and one of our club's founding members, Ellsworth Semler has moved from his home to Evergreen Assisted Living, on Mary's Way. Ellsworth, we hope they treat you well over there. We will miss you at the meetings, but you will be always be in our thoughts and hearts. Ellsworth filled many years and terms as a club officer, including several years as president. You can write, or visit Ellsworth at: Ellsworth Semler, 1801 Mary's Way, #154, Kingsford, MI 49802.

After formally adjourning the business meeting, and after treats provided by Mark Pleyte, the auction was conducted. Many new and exciting lots went to new homes.

SPEAKING OF STAMPS: As noted above, we have just seen WISCOPEX come to a close. Tom & Mark Pleyte were there, with their sales table, and Milt Wirth and I were able to attend, and stay over for the banquet and part of Sunday as well. The show was a splendid success, and was very well organized by the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club. WFSC activities were likewise well done. As noted, the exhibits were truly well done, and enjoyable. Thanks and congratulations to all who helped make WISCOPEX 2017 such a successful show.

Now, it is time to prepare for the Bay de Noc Stamp & Coin Club show in Escanaba, on July 15TH. See their nice box in the show schedule in ATFP, for the latest show information and circle your calendar for that date.

The April ATFP contained several notable items. MaryAnn Bowman's column included a sneak preview of a club delegate gift pack. I will be bringing this gift to the May meeting, so if you miss the meeting, you will have to wonder what that was all about. Jim Byrne wrote a splendid article on topical stamp collecting and the many tools available for topical stamp collecting. There was a very strong endorsement of the ATA, American Topical Association, and the many helpful resources that group offers. ATA will also be having a major show in Milwaukee on June 23-5, 2017. Get all the info on that show in the ATFP. Finally, I enjoyed a fascinating article on Porto Rico's revenue stamps. Greg Greenwald, of the Central Wisconsin club wrote this one, and Ray Perry tells us he will be offering more material on revenues in the future. Thanks Greg.

It's late and I am tuckered out, so will close. Be sure and plan to be at the Northwoods Philatelic Society meeting on May 16.

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