Minutes of the 1991 WFSC's Annual Business Meeting


April 27, 1991 Sheboygan, WI

President Ray Vedder called the 60th Annual Business Meeting of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs to order at 1:15 p.m. at the Sheboygan Auditorium (Armory), Sheboygan, WI. Verna Shackleton gave the invocation.

Secretary Karen Weigt read the roll call of member clubs and the following responded, having previously presented their credentials at the door: (25 present; 9 not represented)

American Air Mail Society (Gen. Billy Mitchell Chapter)

Badger Stamp Club

Belle City Stamp Club

First Day Cover Collectors of Wisconsin

Fond du Lac Stamp Club

Germany Philatelic Society

Green Bay Philatelic Society

Italian American Stamp Club

Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club

Manitowoc Philatelic Society

Milwaukee Philatelic Society

North Shore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee

Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club

Northwoods Philatelic Society (Iron Mt.)

Oshkosh Philatelic Society

Outagamie Philatelic Society

Polish American Philatelic Society

Ripon Philatelic Society

Sheboygan Stamp Club

Waukesha County Philatelic Society

Wauwatosa Philatelic Society

Wisconsin Blue and Gray Society

Wisconsin Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society

Wisconsin Postal History Society

Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society


Treasurer Deanna Juhnke announced the Queen City Philatelic Society had not paid 1991 dues. They are presumed to be inactive at this time. New clubs welcomed were the American Air Mail Society (Gen. Billy Mitchell Chapter) and Northwoods Philatelic Society (Iron Mt.). To date, the WFSC is made up of 34 clubs with a total of approximately 1275 individual members.


A motion was made to approve the minutes of the last meeting. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


President, Ray Vedder commented on goals outlined in January 1990: [1] Filing for IRC 501(c)(3) nonprofit status was accomplished after finally receiving an Employer ID Number and going through the process of amending our Articles of Incorporation. The IRS is currently reviewing the application, and the WFSC just received a request for additional information, which will be provided by the deadline date of May 27. [2] The WFSC is now on a solid financial base. [3] Ideas for organizational structure changes have been tabled due to constraints placed on President Vedder relating to a job change and pending move to Cincinnati. [4] Getting more people involved at the state level remains a problem, and the WFSC continues to seek volunteers. [5] In the area of assisting member clubs, the WFSC has completed revisions on the BLUE BOOK and has begun work on a Dealer Directory. President Vedder invited suggestions for improved and added services.

Vice-President, Greg Schmidt, reported he had attended all Executive Board meetings, and the majority of his efforts were committed to completing the newly revised BLUE BOOK. He thanked President Vedder for his assistance provided throughout the past 17 months.

Secretary, Karen Weigt, reported that she has kept track of WFSC administrative matters and worked with almost all committee and project coordinators. She served on two standing committees and carried out duties as WFSC representative for two national organizations. During the past year, she attended all Executive Board meetings and four philatelic exhibitions. Karen apologized for having to leave the convention immediately after; the meeting because of family matters. She urged others to get involved with the WFSC and share in the rewarding experience of extended friendships and acquaintances.

Treasurer, Deanna Juhnke distributed copies of WFSC finance reports. A summary of figures is:

                                             4/27/90                      4/27/91

CASH ON HAND (CHECKING)                               $154256                    $1779.91

TOTAL SAVINGS                                                      $2525.40                    $278455* *                                                                                                 ($1404.83 CD maturing 9/7/91)

($1379.72 CD maturing 6/7/91)

Total income from Across the Fence was $421.00; total expenses were $608.65. Expenses could have been as much as $845.00, except that printing costs for issues from Jan. - Apr. '91 were donated. Deanna expressed gratitude to the donor who, at this time, wished to remain anonymous.

Vice-President, Youth Division, MaryAnn Bowman, reported that support of youth philately increased during the past year. More clubs now have a youth coordinator providing regular youth stamp club programs. Other clubs have offered free philatelic materials to youths at their shows and bourses.

KIDPEX '90 attracted 30 youth exhibits by 24 different exhibitors. Thirteen of these exhibits were entered in youth competition at FLOREX, with one qualifying for the '91 American Youth Stamp Exhibiting Championship. Other exhibits were competing at WISCOPEX '91. Plans for KIDPEX '9 include a philatelic school, as well as the many other usual activities (exhibits, dealers, contests, games, etc.). An additional offering is the opportunity to enter a one-page topical exhibit. MaryAnn requested donations of topical-related stamps, covers and cancels.

The Wisconsin Chapter of the Junior Philatelists of America, formed in 1990, now has 80 members. They've been active with meetings and special speakers at MILCOPEX, KIDPEX, and WISCOPEX. MaryAnn thanked the Waukesha County Philatelic Society for underwriting the costs of the Wisconsin Chapter.

Throughout the year, the WFSC and 13 member clubs made a donation to the Junior Philatelists of America. Those who have not yet contributed can send their donation in care of MaryAnn.

MaryAnn Bowman and Jim Maher will serve as co-chairpersons of the youth area for World Columbian Stamp Expo. They are currently planning activities and programs for the 10-day event and invited Wisconsinites to volunteer their time to the youth area. In turn, MaryAnn offered assistance to any club interested in initiating a youth program, event or activity.

Northeast Region VP, Greg Schmidt, reported he had attended all Executive Board meetings. He made contact with clubs in his region either through correspondence, or by attending one of their club meetings or show. Due to increased personal commitments related to his business, Greg declined future involvement with the position of regional VP. He expressed his best wishes to the individuals and clubs in the Northeast region.

East Central Region VP, Fred Ericksen, reported he had contacted 60% of the clubs in his region, and he missed only one Executive Board meeting. He Chairman for FONDYPEX '90 and will be Exhibition Chairman for WISCOPEX '92. He served as Chairman of the Junior Education Committee for the Fond du Lac Stamp Club, which involved working with 13 students from grades 4-6 at a Fond du Lac school.

Central Region VP, Roy Northwood, reported that he attended all Executive Board meetings. On more than one occasion throughout the year, he attended meetings of the Northwoods Stamp and Coin Club and Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society. He also attended their shows and worked with the clubs to become involved with WFSC activities. He attended meetings of the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club meetings, both in Wisconsin Rapids and Stevens Point. He investigated potential sites for a WFSC Summer Happening, which resulted in events to be sponsored on the local club level. Although everything else is going well with the Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society (including their spring bourses), they are having some difficulty with their junior program. Roy is planning another visit to the Chippewa Valley Stamp and Coin Club to urge their member-ship in the WFSC.

Roy personally participated in philatelic activities at the Wakely House festivities. He attended shows in Chicago. He also went to METROPEX, sponsored by the Minnesota Federation of Stamp Clubs, to see how their organization was operating.

Milwaukee Region VP, Erik Martini, reported that he had visited all clubs in his district. He also attended all shows in his area. Two Executive Board meetings were missed because of family visiting from Europe. He handled the responsibility of getting copies of Across the Fence mailed to all WFSC clubs. He related that the American Air Mail Society (Gen. Billy Mitchell Chapter) has joined the WFSC, and he continues to urge the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Philatelic Society to become a member. He will be in contact with the Masonic Temple and Grafton Stamp Clubs. He requested information from anyone knowing a contact for the rumored Greendale Stamp Club.

Southeast Region VP, Douglas Galaszewski, reported that he attended all Executive Board meetings. Because of his work schedule, he was unable to attend meetings of clubs in his area, but he did get to two of their shows. He served on the Finance Committee and is also in the process of coordinating a '92 Summer Happening at Columbus, WI. He is currently President of the Footloose Filatelists.

Southwest Region VP, Dwane Kaplenk, reported there are four clubs in his district. All hold regular meetings and all, except for the Baraboo Stamp Club, sponsor an annual show. The Janesville Stamp Club membership is down, but they are still active. He attended at least one meeting of each club, except for the Badger Stamp Club, which is assumed to be in good hands. Dwane is currently working to form a new club in Monroe, WI.


American Philatelic Society representative, Karen Weigt, reported that the '91 Club Trivia Contest prize was acquired from the APS with WFSC credits accumulated for sponsoring new members. The WFSC has endorsed candidates for the upcoming APS elections, and a list of those choices is available upon request. Karen urged all clubs to become chapter members of the APS to receive the benefit of the quarterly APS Chapter Activities Committee Newsletter.

Council of Philatelic Organizations representative, Karen Weigt, related COPO's slight change in operation to become more of a "benevolent foundation" and less interactive with its membership. The reason being that COPO basically uses the APS Chapter Activities Committee Newsletter as a vehicle to disseminate information, and most COPO members are also APS chapter members. COPO still produces an annual COPO Contact highlighting ideas for promoting philately. KIDPEX was featured in the Summer '90 issue. COPO members also automatically receive the annual National Stamp Collecting Month promotional brochure directly from the USPS. COPO membership application forms were available at the meeting.

Finance Committee, Deanna Juhnke, Chrmn., stated the committee coordinated a silent auction in conjunction with WISCOPEX '91 for the afghan donated to the WFSC by Geri Atchison, of the Fond du Lac Stamp Club.

Publicity and Public Relations Committee, MaryAnn Bowman, member, reported the committee is always actively investigating potential sites for future WFSC Summer Happenings, an exhibition specifically geared to promote the hobby of stamp collecting. She welcomed any suggestions for a location or event worthy of philatelic commemoration that draws large crowds. The committee is already engrossed in two Columbus quincentennial projects: [1] philatelic involvement with other 1992 planned observances at Columbus, WI, and [2] maintaining a WFSC Society Table at Chicago's World Columbian Stamp Expo in May '92. Volunteers were requested to staff the table.

The committee completed and compiled the results of a survey to determine possible future content in Across the Fence and it again coordinated the Annual WFSC Club Trivia Contest. Work has begun on a Wisconsin on Stamps slide show. The committee also has handles loan requests for The Video Guide to Stamp Collecting, which is available for use by any member club.

The committee is additionally responsible for the WFSC Society Table, which operated during the past year at MILCOPEX and WISCOPEX. Clubs were asked to continue to provide fresh supplies of their promotional material for distribution at the table. Through the efforts of the committee, the WFSC will also soon have a new look to its own publicity brochures.

Judging Committee, In the absence of Chuck Rebek, Chrmn., Greg Schmidt related that Art Schmitz is now an accredited WFSC judge. Wayne Claflin has resigned - from both the committee and as an active judge. Efforts last year were directed toward revising the judging sheet and judging criteria.

Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee, Robert Mather, offered copies of a list of criteria used by the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee to consider stamp issues. He reviewed some of the items that basically rule out several issues he had been promoting on behalf of the WFSC. He noted, however, the USPS appears to be inconsistent with regard to the criteria and there are ways of working around some of it.

Throughout the past year, Bob had written another round of letters promoting a Lunt-Fontanne stamp issue for 1993 or later. He generated a series of letters supporting the inclusion of a year date to be shown on each new USPS issue. Upon investigating the probability of a First Day of Issue for WISCOPEX '91, it was determined that it didn't stand much of a chance, so the project was dropped. He will soon be taking action to push for a first-day ceremony at the UW-Madison for a 1992 Dairy Cow stamp, which appears to have a fairly good chance of becoming a reality. He has written various concerned groups regarding a first-day ceremony for Columbus, WI in 1992. Bob researched the feasibility of an Increase Lapham issue, but found it difficult to tie into a date. He suggested it could be included in the Great Americans series. An August Derleth issue also was investigated, but after a review of his life and contributions, it was decided not to pursue a campaign. Bob additionally wrote letters opposing a proposed change in USPS rules to allow a Claude Pepper stamp before the 10-year waiting period.

Committee on Exhibitions, Jim Maher, co-Chrmn., reported the committee assisted with the revisions and writing of the new BLUE BOOK. It also provided suggestions for revisions to the WFSC judging sheet.

Hall of Fame Committee, Frank Moertl, Chrmn., announced that the Hall of Fame Permanent Record Book is now completed and it will be displayed annually at WISCOPEX. He asked for help in obtaining photos for those that are missing and offered to continue to update the book with biographies of new inductees.

Bylaws Committee, Karen Weigt, Chrmn., said there was no committee activity throughout the past year.

BLUE BOOK Committee, Greg Schmidt, reported that copies of the revised BLUE BOOK distributed prior to the meeting are for delegates to deliver to their home clubs. There will be a fee for additional or replacement copies. The Finance Committee is currently calculating that fee, which will be announced in an upcoming issue of Across the Fence. This will also enable individuals to purchase the book. The loose-leaf format will be convenient for updated pages to be inserted, and some page numbers were purposely skipped to allow for expansion. Greg thanked Jim Maher and MaryAnn Bowman for their assistance in the project. He also invited comments.

Newsletter Editor, Clete Delvaux, requested articles for Across the Fence. He recognized John Fagan for handling the printing of copies and mentioned that perhaps the type size could be reduced in future issues to further conserve on costs.


501(c)(3) Coordinator, Ray Vedder, referred to his President's report presented earlier.

WISCONSIN ON STAMPS Handbook Coordinator, MaryAnn Bowman reported that there continues to be much interest and support in a second edition, which will appear in a different format. She hopes to have it available for distribution in 1992 at World Columbian Stamp Expo.

Cover Exchange Program Coordinator, MaryAnn Bowman, reported the exchange would be operated on an annual basis. When the 1991 exchange dates have been determined, they will be published in Across the Fence.

Dealer Directory Coordinator, Ray Vedder, explained that this newly initiated project will aid small clubs that sometimes have problems finding enough dealers with a variety of material for their shows and bourses. Thus far, a form has been developed and distributed to approximately 100 dealers. He has received responses from 15, who wish to be listed in the directory. He also has a computerized list of 100 additional dealers from Renee's Stamps, which currently requires updating.



Bids for Future Conventions -- Reconfirmed bids were: Fond du Lac Stamp Club for 1992, Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society for 1993, Central Wisconsin Stamp Club (Stevens Point) for 1984, Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club for 1985. The Waukesha County Philatelic Society entered a bid for 1996.


1991 Trivia Contest Prize -- MaryAnn Bowman announced that seven clubs participated in the 1991 contest. Three clubs tied for the winning position: Central Wisconsin Stamp Club, Green Bay Philatelic Society, and Waukesha County Philatelic Society. Those club representatives were asked to flip coins for the prize. Clete Delvaux, of the Green Bay Philatelic Society, accepted a copy of the 880-page, revised edition of FUNDAMENTALS OF PHILATELY on behalf of the winning club.

A request was made to consider allowing two months for clubs to return their contest entries. The matter will be discussed at the next Executive Board meeting. 1991 Trivia Contest answers will be published in an upcoming issue of Across the Fence. They are also available from MaryAnn Bowman for a SASE.

Hall of Fame Class of 1991 -- President Vedder announced nominees Robert F. Meyer, Frank Moertl and Greg S. Schmidt for the Class of 1991. Three motions were made to accept each of the nominees. All MOTIONS PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


President -- Erik Martini was elected without opposition. Erik shall serve for a two-year term beginning January 1, 1992.

Vice President -- Greg Schmidt was re-elected without opposition. Greg shall serve for an additional two-year term beginning January 1, 1992.

Vice-President, Youth Division -- MaryAnn Bowman was re-elected without opposition. MaryAnn Bowman shall serve for an additional one-year term beginning January 1, 1992.

Regional Vice-Presidents -- The following were re-elected without opposition for an additional one-year term beginning January 1, 1992: East Central Region -- Fred Ericksen, Central Region -- Roy Northwood, Southwest Region -- Dwane Kaplenk, Milwaukee Region -- Douglas Galaszewski. Newly elected for a one-year term of office beginning January 1, 1992 were: Roger Oswald -- Northeast Region, and upon acceptance of the position, Raymond J. Wood -- Southeast Region.


Vern Witt and Perry Harris (co-Chairmen of WISCOPEX '91), in accordance with bylaws, were automatically appointed to serve a three-year term on the Standing Committee on Exhibitions with Lyle Hobbs and Chrmn. Greg Schmidt. Automatic appointments to the Nominating Committee are Chrmn. Roy Northwood, Wm. Grosnick Sr., and Ray Vedder. Douglas Galaszewski was appointed to serve a three-year term on the Hall of Fame Committee with Jim Maher and Chrmn. Dwane Kaplenk. Clete Delvaux was reappointed Newsletter Editor. Herbert A. Trenchard was appointed Historian.


A moment of silence was observed in honor of the following WFSC members deceased in the past year Lester Beck, Wm. H. Behrens, Dr. Stephen Darling, Gisela Flack, Jeanne Gorski, Eldon Hunter, Bernard V. Kelly, Robert F. Meyer, Vernon Moore, Dorothy Pruitt, Robert Rivers, William Scharfenberger, and Felix Zagorski.

A motion was made to thank the Sheboygan Stamp Club for a great job done in hosting the WFSC 1991 convention and exhibition.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

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