Minutes of the 1993 WFSC's Annual Business Meeting



The 62nd Annual Business Meeting of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs was called to order by interim President Greg S. Schmidt at 1:10 p.m., Howard Johnson's, Wausau, WI. The invocation, given by Verna Shackleton, included a tribute to President Erik Martini, who passed away on March 15, 1993.

President Schmidt appointed Allan C. Marcus to fill the interim vacancy of WFSC VP created when Schmidt succeeded to the presidency.

Secretary Karen Weigt read the roll call of member clubs and the following responded, having previously presented their credentials at the door: (23 present; 9 not represented)

Badger Stamp Club

Central Wisconsin Stamp Club

First Day Cover Collectors of Wisconsin

Fond du Lac Stamp Club

Germany Philatelic Society

Green Bay Philatelic Society

Italian American Stamp Club

Janesville Stamp Club

Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club

Manitowoc Philatelic Society

Milwaukee Philatelic Society

North Shore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee

Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club

Northwoods Stamp and Coin Club (Rhinelander)

Oshkosh Philatelic Society

Outagamie Philatelic Society

Polish American Philatelic Society

Ripon Philatelic Society

Sheboygan Stamp Club

Waukesha County Philatelic Society

Wauwatosa Philatelic Society

Wisconsin Postal History Society

Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society


Treasurer Deanna Juhnke announced that to date, 30 clubs are members in good standing, with an additional five members-at-large. Two clubs, Chain-o-Lakes Stamp Club and First Day Cover Collectors of Wisconsin, have not yet paid 1993 dues.


A motion was made to approve the minutes of the last meeting. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


President / Vice President Greg Schmidt reported that since the death of Eric Martini, he's been in contact with most members of the Executive Board and has tried to make the presidential transition as smooth as possible. To conform to the WFSC Bylaws, he relinquished his committee positions and has appointed Vem Witt to take over as chairman of the Judging Committee. As VP, he attended all Executive Board meetings. He produced a new set of BLUE BOOK update pages and worked with organizers of WISCOPEX '93. He additionally worked with members of the Judging Committee, which updated the WFSC's judging sheets.

Secretary, Karen Weigt, reported that she recently initiated "The Club Co-op" column, which appears in Across the Fence and requested that clubs participate by placing her on their mailing lists for receipt of club newsletters. Major efforts in 1992 were to coordinate the WFSC booth at World Columbian Stamp Expo, and to set up the basic WFSC historical files, which were then passed on to the WFSC Historian. She attended all Executive Board meetings, performed duties as outlined in the bylaws, and assisted several committees and project coordinators, which included designing the logo imprinted on the WFSC Columbus, WI, Happening postcard. She submitted many various news items for publication in Across the Fence and served on the Publicity and Public Relations Committee. Karen coordinated and staffed the WFSC society table at MILCOPEX '93 and will do the same for the upcoming TOPEX '93. Upon Erik Martini's death, she assisted with the presidential transition, informed the WFSC membership of the tragedy, and submitted news releases to the national philatelic press.

Treasurer, Deanna Juhnke, distributed copies of the WFSC finance report. Summaries of figures are:

12/31/91 12/31/92

Checking and Savings (CDs)

on Hand $4538.85 $4552.52

Deanna commented that the approximate $3500 now in CDs is being held for use as up-front funds for future WFSC projects, such as a revised edition of the WISCONSIN ON STAMPS handbook. She added that expenses to produce and distribute Across the Fence far exceed income generated by the publication. In fact, annual dues income falls just short of covering expenses for Across the Fence. To minimize newsletter expenses, she urged clubs to order only the number of copies absolutely needed. Some clubs might be able to order just one or two copies of each issue and photocopy them for their memberships. A motion was made to approve the treasurer's report. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

Vice-President, Youth Division, in the absence of MaryAnn Bowman, Robert Mather read her written report, which stated that Wisconsin could be proud of its achievements in promoting stamp collecting among youth. Wisconsin youth exhibits are flourishing on both the state and national levels. 1992 marked the fifth annual KIDPEX. Thirty-four youth exhibited at KIDPEX '92; these same exhibits were then shown at FLOREX '92. KIDPEX, coordinated by MaryAnn, also includes a variety of educational and hands-on activities, and plans are underway for the '93 show. MaryAnn Bowman and Jim Maher were instrumental in developing youth-activities at World Columbian Stamp Expo. MaryAnn expressed her appreciation for philatelic items donated to help support the youth program. For KIDPEX '93 she wants to be able to present some meaningful awards to more of the participants, and delegates were asked to urge their clubs to commit monetary donations to the KIDPEX Youth Fund.

Northeast Region VP, Roger Oswald, reported he has six clubs in his region and, in the past year, he attended at least one function each of four of those clubs. He also attended two of the four Executive Board meetings held throughout the year. On behalf of the Manitowoc Philatelic Society, he then presented a $100 check to the WFSC to be earmarked for youth activities. The donation was made in memory of Lyle Hobbs, who passed away in December 1992. Lyle was extremely active on the local and state levels and a staunch supporter of junior philately. It was clarified that the donated funds be split between MaryAnn Bowman's endeavors and the Footloose Filatelists.

East Central Region VP, Fred Ericksen, reported he has been in contact with all clubs in his region. He additionally holds membership in three of the six clubs in his region. Fred attended all but one Executive Board meeting. He chaired WISCOPEX '92 and has presented stamp-collecting programs for the Fond du Lac area Cub Scouts. He expressed his surprise at the death of Erik Martini and announced the Fond du Lac Stamp Club's recent loss of John Freirich, of Waupun.

Central Region VP, Roy Northwood, reported that he worked at the WFSC booth at World Columbian Stamp Expo throughout the entire duration of the show. Additionally, he and Wm. Grosnick Sr. produced approximately 5,000 WCSE souvenir cards, which entailed gluing a used copy of the original 2 Columbian to each card. Although the cards publicized the WFSC, he and Bill absorbed costs of the project. Some 4500 of the cards were distributed, free of charge, to WCSE visitors. All clubs in his region are doing well. In addition to its annual show, the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club will again participate in the upcoming Wakely Inn Pioneer Days. This year, they'll also be involved with the 100th anniversary of the Nekoosa Post Office, as well as planning for hosting WISCOPEX '94. The Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society, of course, spent a great deal of energy this past year on hosting WISCOPEX '93. Their last annual show went well, and dealers report the club bourses are going good. The club sponsors a youth table at all of their events and, unfortunately, the person who used to handle the table passed away last year. Roy attended all shows in his region, including last year's successful Northwoods Stamp and Coin Club (Rhinelander) show. Contacts with the Chippewa Valley Stamp and Coin Club have failed to pull them into the WFSC.

Roy attended all WFSC Executive Board meetings and events. He was particularly impressed with the success of the Columbus, WI, Happening held last October.

Milwaukee Region VP, Douglas Galaszewski, reported that his desired level of WFSC participation was somewhat curtailed throughout the past year because of personal conflicts. He did, however, attend all but one WFSC Executive Board meeting, he served on the Finance and Hall of Fame Committees, coordinated the Columbus, WI, Happening, and developed a flier listing area shows and WFSC club meeting schedules. He additionally served as president of the Footloose Filatelists. Doug represented the WFSC at Erik Martini's funeral and has since taken over distribution of Across the Fence. His future goal is to develop a closer tie between the WFSC and Milwaukee-area clubs.

Southeast Region VP, in the absence of Raymond Wood, Karen Weigt read his written report, which stated that he made a contact with the Rockford Stamp Club to invite them to rejoin the WFSC. The club has not yet taken any action, and the matter has since been turned over to the new WFSC SW Regional VP, who lives closer to the Rockford area. He plans to attend the upcoming meeting of the Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club, and he recently wrote to the Lake County Philatelic Society inquiring about the status of their club. Hopes are that they will become an active club again and rejoin the WFSC.

Southwest Region VP, Ron Hayes; reported that he's held this position only since January and, therefore, is in the process of accessing the status of the clubs in his region so he can determine how he can be of assistance. He has contacted all clubs in his region, including a follow-up with the Rockford Stamp Club. Some clubs are struggling with a drop in membership. They recognize the problem, however, and are taking steps to recruit new members. On the other hand, the Badger Stamp Club has been gaining an average of 4-5 new members per month and has broken the 100-member mark. Ron related that it will take considerable effort to convince the Rockford Stamp Club to rejoin the WFSC, but he will continue to make the WFSC's benefits of membership and visibility apparent to the club. He wrote to the latest contact of the now inactive Lacrosse Stamp Club. Although there's been no response, he did speak with two other collectors from that area, which expressed some interest in getting the club together again.


Finance Committee, Deanna Juhnke, Chrmn., stated the committee made several recommendations to the WFSC Executive Committee within the past year: (1) monetary support and a free ad in Across the Fence for KIDPEX; (2) a $200 expense limit to produce a souvenir card for the Columbus, WI, Happening; (3) allow the WFSC Wisconsin State Sales Tax Exemption Number to be used by clubs hosting WISCOPEX without conditions attached (still under Executive Board consideration); and (4) disallow monetary support to clubs hosting WISCOPEX, but do provide support through volunteer manpower and free publicity in Across the Fence (to be considered by the Executive Board). The committee also assisted the Historian in setting up a budget and recommended guidelines for collecting historical materials. The committee is currently checking on liability insurance policies to protect the WFSC against potential lawsuits that could occur in conjunction with its activities. Deanna said the committee urgently needs the counsel of an attorney to clarify a legal question and requested the volunteer assistance of any WFSC member with legal qualifications.

Publicity and Public Relations Committee, Karen Weigt, member, said the committee's major effort of the past year was coordinating the WFSC booth at World Columbian Stamp Expo, which was an overwhelming success. The committee recognized Douglas Galaszewski for his efforts in organizing the WFSC Columbus, WI, Happening and for producing a show/bourse/club meeting information flier, for which he donated the printing costs. For the sixth straight year, the committee coordinated a Club Trivia Contest, and much publicity and good will was generated through the. WFSC-sponsored national cover exchange program. It was the committee's idea to institute "The Club Co-op" column now appearing in Across the Fence. Future plans are for a special event in conjunction with the annual Sheboygan Airport Wings and Wheels Fly-In, Drive-In, and for a philatelic promotion at one of Wausau's many annual community events. The committee performed its usual duties of submitting new releases to the philatelic press and keeping a watchful eye on national happenings. The committee coordinated and staffed the WFSC society table at MILCOPEX '93. The same will be done at TOPEX '93, where the WFSC will perpetuate good will among topical collectors throughout the nation by distributing a gift to all who stop at the WFSC table. Karen requested that WFSC member clubs keep the committee abreast of club activities and promotions by providing fliers and brochures for distribution through the WFSC when it is represented at various philatelic events.

Judging Committee, Greg Schmidt, 1992 Chrmn., stated that under his leadership, the committee worked with the First Day Cover Collectors of Wisconsin to establish a mutually acceptable judging sheet and criteria for the group's annual exhibiting award. The new Philatelic Artwork exhibiting category was established, and the general judging sheet was updated. These achievements are reflected in the packet of BLUE BOOK update pages distributed to all delegates. Greg announced the WFSC currently has 12 WFSC-certified judges available for club shows. He then turned over the Judging Committee files to Vern Witt, the new chairman of the Committee.

Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee, Robert Mather, reported on his extensive efforts throughout the past year to promote a Dairy Cow issue. This included providing the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee with sample illustrations of the proposed issue, and he's now awaiting word on that endeavor. Plans are to vigorously promote a Lunt-Fontanne issue and begin research and a letter-writing campaign for a Richard Bong stamp. Bob repeated last year's plea for someone else to step forward and assume the duties of the committee. Although he will continue with the committee until a replacement can be found, he is currently overburdened with a variety of other philatelic matters, which prevents him from being able to do justice to committee responsibilities. President Schmidt reiterated Bob's call for help, even if it is to only assist Bob with some of the committee assignments.

Committee on Exhibitions, Vern Witt, Chrmn., reported he was in contact with WISCOPEX '93 Show Chairman Ron Fritz on a monthly basis, and he arrived at the show early to assist with the set up. Since show plans were handled very well, little action was needed on the part of the committee.

Bylaws Committee, Karen Weigt, Chrmn., reported that although no specific action was taken by the committee within the past year, counsel was provided on many occasions as to content and interpretation of certain articles and sections contained in the WFSC Bylaws and Standing Rules. Most, instances were with regard to appropriate use of the WFSC, Inc.'s Wisconsin State Sales Tax Exemption Number. Karen added that Southeast Regional VP Ray Wood recently accepted an appointment to serve with her on the committee.


Newsletter Editor, Clete Delvaux requested that delegates urge their club members to submit articles for publication in Across the Fence. John Fagan, who prints the newsletter, asked for comments about the 8" x 7" format introduced with the April 1993 issue. Comments were that the line length for camera-ready submissions can be increased to 8", and the reduced format probably will save on postage. A concern was expressed about camera-ready display ads being reduced. A show of hands indicated delegates approved of the smaller format. It was suggested that instructions related to margins and line lengths be published in an upcoming issue of Across the Fence for those who submit camera-ready copy.

Clete asked for clarification of what constitutes an ad (for which clubs are charged), as opposed to a free press release where show cover ordering instructions are included. Deanna Juhnke explained that current policy allows one free press release per event where information regarding a cover offer can be included, provided that specific ordering instructions are not spelled out. Anyone interested in such covers can write for further information from the show chairman or any other designated individual mentioned in the article. The WFSC Executive Board was asked to reconsider this policy and possibly allow inclusion of show cover ordering instructions within press releases. MATTER REFERRED TO EXECUTIVE BOARD

WFSC Historian, Steve Langkau, reported that he is now holding the WFSC historical collection, which was turned over to him in September 1992 in five 3" three-ring binders. Since that time, he has added some material, and the entire collection is on display this weekend at the WFSC society table area. He has composed a few short articles from information found in the collection and has sent them to the WFSC Newsletter Editor for use as fillers in Across the Fence. Steve attended all meetings of the WFSC Executive Board and has submitted a budget to the Finance Committee with a recommendation that a floating account be established for his use in receiving monetary donations for the purpose of purchasing known missing historical items. Steve commented that he welcomes donations of WFSC memorabilia; items must, however, be directly related to the WFSC. He suggested that potential donors might first contact him to ensure that items to be passed on to him are, indeed, WFSC-related and needed for the historical collection. Steve will provide an itemized receipt for all donations. The value of _Donated items can be claimed as a deduction on personal income tax returns. A receipt for those purposes can be obtained from Treasurer Deanna Juhnke. Delegates were urged to pick up a listing of items known to be missing from the WFSC historical collection.

BLUE BOOK Coordinator, Greg Schmidt, stated that a packet of BLUE BOOK update pages was given to all delegates at the check-in table. These pages include revisions made to various sections of the book. This year's revision packet also contains an instruction sheet explaining exactly which pages should be purged and where each new or revised page should be inserted.

Council of Philatelic organizations representative, Karen Weigt, related that COPO is currently maintaining a low profile and probably will dissolve in the near future. The reason for its demise is related to the recent severe budget cuts being made within the U.S. Postal Service, a major source of funding for COPO. Karen learned that philatelic promotion is low on the list of Postmaster General Runyon's priorities. He, therefore, has refused further funding to COPO, and plans are to discontinue the October National Stamp Collecting Month promotions. This includes the annual mailing to clubs that provided information, helps, and ideas for clubs to promote the hobby within their own local communities. COPO's treasury is down to its last $60,000 to support its various projects, which includes grants to the Junior Philatelists of America stamp packet distribution program and the American Stamp Dealer's Association promotions of philately to youths through schools and libraries. Plans are for the APS Chapter Activities Committee Newsletter to pick up on providing philatelic promotion ideas, and it's hoped that funding for COPO's projects will be covered by other organizations.

Cover Exchange Coordinator, On behalf of MaryAnn Bowman, Robert Mather read her written report. It stated that in conjunction with last year's National Stamp Collecting Month, clubs, philatelic organizations, and individuals were invited to submit 10 unaddressed, cacheted covers with either a pictorial or first-day cancellation. In exchange, 10 different covers were returned to each participant. The program was an overwhelming success, resulting in the exchange of 1,110 covers nationwide. It took MaryAnn approximately 30 hours to handle the exchange, which will be offered again this year. Modifications, however, will be that participants will be asked to submit 11 alike covers in exchange for 10 different covers. The extra cover received from each participant will be retained and used for the WFSC youth program and/or other WFSC activities. Covers will be submitted in October with the exchange-taking place after the end of that month.

American Philatelic Society representative, Karen Weigt, reported that by keeping abreast of APS policies regarding annual chapter reports, the WFSC earned an $18 credit in 1992. The credit will be applied to the purchase of a future gift or prize going to one of the WFSC member clubs. Twenty-six of the WFSC's 32 member clubs hold either APS chapter or affiliate membership. She explained the many benefits of membership and urged delegates of non-member clubs to pick up an application form and sample copy of the APS Chapter Activities Committee Newsletter. Karen was -involved in the WFSC's endorsement of candidates for this year's APS elections. A list of those endorsements was made available to all delegates.




Bids for Future Conventions -- Reconfirmed bids were: Central Wisconsin Stamp Club (Stevens Point) for 1994, Waukesha County Philatelic Society for 1996, and Wauwatosa Philatelic Society for 1997. The Badger Stamp Club entered a bid for 1995, when delegate John Schalliol, of the Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club, announced their withdrawal due to a declining membership which foresees the hosting of WISCOPEX '95 as an overambitious project for their limited resources. The Outagamie Philatelic Society entered a bid for 1998. WISCOPEX '94 will be held April 30-May 1, at the University Center, Stevens Point.

WFSC-sponsored WISCOPEX '94 -- President Schmidt called for a motion to allow the WFSC, Inc. the option to choose to sponsor its own annual convention and exhibition (WISCOPEX) in 1994. He explained that the passing of the motion could allow the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club legal use of the WFSC, Inc.'s Wisconsin State Sales Tax Exemption Number in conjunction with expenses for WISCOPEX '94. Basic ground rules to protect the liability of the WFSC, Inc. will be set down and agreed upon by both the WFSC Executive Board and the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club prior to the actual granting of use of the number. WISCOPEX '94 is the perfect opportunity for a trial run on allowing all future WISCOPEX host clubs use of the number. There is no conflict of interests, as Deanna Juhnke, WISCOPEX '94 Show Chairman, is also the WFSC Treasurer. Deanna stated that the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club has a very limited budget and cannot afford rental costs at a commercial facility. The University Center, a state-owned facility, is affordable and the cost can be cut even further if the club can produce a Wisconsin State Sales Tax Exemption Number, as held by the WFSC, Inc. Use of the number also could help cut costs on the banquet, purchase of awards, printing, etc. The WFSC, however, has to set some guidelines for use of the number to guard against its possible misuse in the future. It also has to investigate legalities with regard to liability insurance if WISCOPEX is going to be declared a direct WFSC, Inc.-sponsored event. The motion was made as called for (bolded above) by delegate Fred Ziemann, of the Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

Club Support for National Stamp Collecting Month -- In response to the COPO report announcing the U.S. Postal Service's plans to discontinue the annual National Stamp Collecting Month promotion, delegate John Krueger, of the Manitowoc Philatelic Society, made a motion to encourage clubs to write to the appropriate authorities indicating their support for the continuation of the promotion. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

WFSC Financial Support for WISCOPEX -- Fred Ziemann, of the Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society, made a motion to authorize the WFSC Executive Board to investigate the possibility of the WFSC providing monetary support to clubs hosting WISCOPEX. If possible, this support should begin with WISCOPEX '94 and continue annually as long as finances permit. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


1993 Trivia Contest Prize -- In the absence of MaryAnn Bowman, Robert Mather read her written announcement that nine clubs participated in the 1993 contest. The Outagamie Philatelic Society won the contest with the most correct answers. The prize, a 35-minute video titled "The Air Mail Story," was presented to the club's delegate. The annual WFSC contest provides clubs with a program idea for use at a February or March meeting, and this year's answers will be published in an upcoming issue of Across the Fence.

Hall of Fame Class of 1993 -- Jim Maher, Chrmn., Hall of Fame Committee, announced nominees Ray Atchison, Roy Northwood, and Robert J. Mather for the Class of 1993. A motion was made to accept the nominees. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


President -- Greg S. Schmidt was elected without opposition. Greg shall serve a two-year term beginning January 1, 1994.

Vice President -- Douglas Galaszewski was elected without opposition. Doug shall serve a two-year term beginning January 1, 1994.

Vice-President, Youth Division -- MaryAnn Bowman was re-elected without opposition. MaryAnn Bowman shall serve an additional one-year term beginning January 1, 1994.

Regional Vice-Presidents -- The following will serve a one-year term beginning January l, 1994: (re-elected without opposition) Northeast Region -- East Central Region -- Fred Ericksen, Central Region -- Roy Northwood, and Southeast Region - Roger Oswald, Raymond J. Wood; (elected without opposition) Milwaukee Region -- John Fagan, and South\, _ Region -- Ron Hayes.


Ron Fritz and Ken Peters (co-Show Chairmen of WISCOPEX '93), in accordance with bylaws, were automatically appointed to serve a three-year term on the Standing Committee on Exhibitions with co-Chrmn. Vern Witt and Perry Harris, and Fred Ericksen. Automatic appointments to the Nominating Committee are Chrmn. Vern Witt, Roy Northwood, and Wm. Grosnick Sr. MaryAnn Bowman was appointed to serve a three-year term on the Hall of Fame Committee with Chrmn. Douglas Galaszewski and Verna Shackleton. Clete Delvaux was reappointed Newsletter Editor.


A moment of silence was observed in honor of the following WFSC members deceased in the past year: Edward Balaban, Art Boyce, Norman Damerow, John Freirich, Lyle Hobbs, Esther Hundhausen, and Erik Martini.

A motion was made to thank the Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society for hosting the WFSC 1993 convention and exhibition.

The meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.

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