Minutes of the 1994 WFSC's Annual Business Meeting

Minutes of the 1994 Annual Business Meeting


63rd Annual Convention

April 30, 1994, Stevens Point, WI

President Greg S. Schmidt called the 63rd Annual Business Meeting of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs to order at 1:10 p.m. at the University Center, UW-Stevens Point. Verna Shackleton gave the invocation.

Secretary Karen Weigt read the roll call of member clubs and the following responded, having previously presented their credentials at the door: (20 present; 12 not represented)

Badger Stamp Club

Central Wisconsin Stamp Club

Fond du Lac Stamp Club

Green Bay Philatelic Society

Janesville Stamp Club

Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club

Milwaukee Philatelic Society

North Shore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee

Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club

Northwoods Stamp and Coin Club (Rhinelander)

Oshkosh Philatelic Society

Outagamie Philatelic Society

Polish American Philatelic Society

Ripon Philatelic Society

Sheboygan Stamp Club

Walworth County Stamp Club

Waukesha County Philatelic Society

Wauwatosa Philatelic Society

Wisconsin Postal History Society

Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society


Treasurer Deanna Juhnke announced that the First Day Cover Collectors of Wisconsin is no longer active. Of the remaining membership, only the Italian American Stamp Club has not yet paid 1994 dues. To date, therefore, 31 clubs are members in good standing for a total of 1,215 paid individual members. The WFSC also has eight members-at-large.

President Schmidt welcomed the Lake County Philatelic Society back into the WFSC. They rejoined in mid-1993.


A motion was made to approve the minutes of the last meeting. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


President Greg Schmidt reported he attended all Executive Board meetings and has been in contact with all WFSC committees and officers. He thanked the News-letter Committee for its work in updating the publication. He also noted that through the efforts of the Judging Committee, the WFSC adopted a new judging sheet and criteria for youth exhibiting. Greg will continue to handle the task of keeping the BLUE BOOK up to date.

Interim Vice President, A1 Marcus, thanked President Schmidt for choosing him to serve as vice president during the period when the position was vacant. He enjoyed assisting in the functions of the WFSC not only in this capacity, but also as a member of the Newsletter Commit-tee. The newsletter's new contemporary look and additional advertising options is an asset to the WFSC. A1 additionally recognized Clete Delvaux for all the fine work he's done as editor of the newsletter over the past several years.

Vice President, Douglas Galaszewskl, reported that he attended the majority of Executive Board meetings. He served as a member of the Finance Committee and chaired the 1993 Hall of Fame Committee. He also handled distributing the newsletter throughout most of the past year.

Secretary, Karen Weigt, reported that she performed all duties as assigned to the office of secretary. She also attended all Executive Board meetings and assisted the majority of committees, appointees and project coordinators. This is in addition to having served on three WFSC committees and managing affairs involved with four other appointments. Her extra involvement in writing "The Club Co-op" column has been a rewarding experience, and she urged all clubs to continue to send their newsletters to her.

Treasurer, Deanna Juhnke, distributed copies of the WFSC finance report. A summary of figures are:

                                    12/31/92          12/31/93

Checking & Savings

(CDs) on Hand          $4552.52          $4761.71

Deanna noted a $246.26 donation received from the treasury remains of the disbanded First Day Cover Collectors of Wisconsin. That amount is being held in a separate account until it is decided how it will be used to benefit youth collectors in Wisconsin. She also pointed out that for consistency with other financial reports, the annual newsletter income and expense report now reflects the calendar year. In the past, it was run from WISCOPEX to WISCOPEX. 1993 newsletter expenses again exceeded income for a loss of almost $800. A motion was made to approve the treasurer's report. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

Vice President, Youth Division, MaryAnn Bowman, reported that the U.S. Postal Service withdrawal of support for the Ben Franklin Stamp Club program has created a large void in the annual KIDPEX. In 1993, the project was entirely without support from the post office. Even so, the event was held in October following the theme of the Youth Classics stamps issue. Many of the activities used philatelic literature as the educational focus so that youths would recognize that stamp collecting also provides many reading and learning opportunities through books. As each activity was completed, a point chart was initialed. Later, points earned were redeemed for philatelic merchandise at the stamp trading post. The more activities youths completed, the more prizes they earned. KIDPEX '93 also included 24 exhibits, 11 of which were in the advanced category, and most went on to national level shows. In 1993, Wisconsin again had two exhibits qualify for the American Youth Stamp Exhibiting Championships. KIDPEX '94 will be held on October 15 at Elkhart Lake.

MaryAnn stated that she is now chairman of the APS Youth Activities Committee. As they unfold, the many new and exciting things happening in youth philately will be reported in her "Joining With Juniors" column. She also will explore possibilities for use of the $246.26 First Day Cover Collectors of Wisconsin donation through an announcement in Across the Fence Post. MaryAnn thanked those who have donated stamps and philatelic materials to support the youth program and offered her assistance with regard to youth philately to all WFSC clubs.

Northeast Region VP, in the absence of Roger Oswald, Karen Weigt read his written report, which stated that his work has kept him away from quite a few meetings this year. He did, however, attend one or more functions of four of the six clubs in his region. While at MILCOPEX '94, he also had the opportunity to speak to some members of the Chain-o-Lakes Stamp Club and the Northwoods Philatelic Society (Iron Mt.). Roger hopes to be more active this coming year.

East Central Region VP, Fred Erlcksen, reported he has been in contact with all clubs in his region. He additionally holds membership in three of the clubs in his region. He missed only one Executive Board meeting, and recently became a member of the U.S. Postal Service Customer Advisory Council that meets at the Fond du Lac Post Office. Current projects are the condition and placement of postal collection boxes, and the wording of a customer comment card.

Central Region VP, Roy Northwood, reported the Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society is searching for new quarters for their annual show, which was traditionally held at Howard Johnson's. When the facility recently changed ownership, hall rental prices were raised to beyond what the club can afford. The club continues to sponsor a monthly bourse at the Rib Mountain Inn. The bourses are successful, even though the area is cramped and only four dealers are currently attending.

The Central Wisconsin Stamp Club still meets twice a month: one meeting in Wisconsin Rapids and another in Plover at the Plover Municipal Building. The Plover meeting used to be held in Stevens Point. After losing three members last year, the club gained another three, so membership is stable. The club ran the post office for the Pointe Basse Outing, selling cacheted covers and canceling souvenir letters. All monies were donated to the Pointe Basse Club for use in rebuilding the grounds and buildings in the area, which used to be the Nekoosa Ferry.

The Northwoods Stamp and Coin Club (Rhinelander) is holding its own, and their last annual show was a success.

Roy attended all club shows held in his region, plus several others held in Wisconsin and Chicago. He will continue to try to encourage the Chippewa Valley Stamp and Coin Club to join the WFSC.

Milwaukee Region VP, John Fagan, reported there are eight clubs in his region, of which he is currently treasurer of three: American Air Mail Society, General Billy Mitchell Chapter and the Milwaukee Philatelic Society. He is president of the Germany Philatelic Society, Chapter 18, and holds membership in the North Shore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee, the Polish American Stamp Club and the Wauwatosa Philatelic Society. He has attended meetings of the Italian American Stamp Club. The only club for which he has not attended a meeting is the Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club.

Ray Orz, delegate of the Polish American Stamp Club, added that several annual ethnic festivals are held in Milwaukee and each year the area ethnic stamp clubs prepare souvenir cards and arrange for a special cancellation at the events. Having the post office on the festival grounds stimulates attendance, the sale of stamps, and encourages public interest in philately.

Southeast Region VP, Raymond Wood, reported that he's a member of the Belle City Stamp Club, which lost four members last year. He also has visited the Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club and will attend the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Postal History Society. He participated in correspondence related to recruiting the Lake County Philatelic Society to rejoin the WFSC. He additionally investigated the legitimacy of the Wisconsin Stamp and Coin Museum, in Somers, WI, which was soliciting WFSC member clubs for donations. He advised clubs that although the founder had a good idea, there was poor planning involved with the development of the museum. He announced February 18-19 as dates for the 1995 Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club show.

Southwest Region VP, Ron Hayes, reported that the Baraboo Stamp Club recently changed its meeting night, which has increased meeting attendance. A1though they haven't recruited many new members, the old membership is very active, and the overall short-term health of the club seems fine.

The Janesville Stamp Club is holding its own. Meeting attendance is small, but of good quality, and the club is currently working on programs for recruiting new members. He attended the 1994 Janesville show and was impressed by the hard work the club put into it. There were quality dealers and many collectors buying. He also noticed a lot of young collectors, as well as families at the show.

The Badger Stamp Club is preparing for DANEPEX '94 and WISCOPEX '95, with both shows shaping up well. The club meets twice a month with a Tuesday night educational meeting and a Saturday after-noon auction. A third small swap and trade meeting also is held. While lots for the auction meeting are plentiful, bidding has been slow. In an effort to boost the bidding, the club is experimenting with publishing an advanced listing of lots, which will be mailed to the membership with the newsletter. The youth group is very active and growing.

In an effort to generate good public relations with the Rockford Stamp Club, Ron attended their 1994 show and found it to be one of the poorest he has seen in a long time. He learned that the club is currently stagnant and needs a definite blood transfusion. He did, however, meet a new member, who is very enthusiastic about getting the club back on track. The WFSC could be of help to the Rockford Stamp Club but unfortunately it isn't interested in rejoining the WFSC at this time. Ron will continue to keep in contact with the group.


Finance Committee, Deanna Juhnke, Chrmn., stated the committee made four major recommendations to the WFSC Executive Board during the past year: (1) that a local club hosting WISCOPEX carry liability insurance for the protection of the local club and the WFSC, (2) that the WFSC does not have an excess of funds to establish a sinking fund to provide seed money for clubs hosting WISCOPEX, (3) that the WFSC reimburse the WISCOPEX host club the $25 per judge fee that the WFSC recommends be paid to each WISCOPEX judge, and (4) financial considerations for the "Guidelines for the Historian."

Publicity and Public Relations Commit-tee, MaryAnn Bowman, member, said the committee works to promote a lasting image of the WFSC's credibility, which ultimately reaps direct benefits to each of the WFSC's individual members. Within the past year, the committee's most significant activity toward that goal was in conjunction with TOPEX '93. Over 450 adults and 95 youths left the show with a small, but effective, token item to remind them of the WFSC's good will and dedication to support philately. As the WFSC's favorable notoriety grows, so do its chances to succeed through the networking process by opening up access to goods and services at little or no cost that are passed along to the membership. One tangible example of this snowball effect is the gifts distributed at each year's WISCOPEX to those who wear the WFSC logo button. Another is nationwide participation in the WFSC's annual Cover Exchange Program. A less tangible example is the WFSC's recent success in informing a major portion of Wisconsin post-masters and postal clerks of the overall function of the WFSC and its member clubs. Through networking, an article promoting our efforts appeared in The Direct Line, a publication of the U.S. Postal Service in Wisconsin. The net result could be a closer working relationship between member clubs and fellow stamp collectors with local post office officials.

The committee will continue to annually produce a comprehensive show/ bourse/club meeting information flier. At least 500 of these fliers were distributed throughout the state last year to promote WFSC club shows and bourses and lead lone collectors to local club meetings. At MILCOPEX '94, the committee again promoted WFSC clubs and their activities by staffing a society table.

The committee coordinated the seventh annual WFSC Club Trivia Contest, and it pursued locations for future WFSC events focused at exposing the general public to the virtues of stamp collecting. Delegates were urged to inform the WFSC of any community events that might be conducive to a tie-in with philately.

The committee also keeps abreast of means of working with others to achieve a common goal. It recently acquired a supply of place mats from the American First Day Cover Society. The mats coincide with the WFSC's efforts to promote philately, and MaryAnn offered a supply to anyone interested in distributing them to various fast-food restaurants.

Judging Committee, Vern Witt, Chrmn., reported that a few questions came up within the course of the year regarding judging of youth exhibits. They were resolved through a memo to all WFSC judges indicating that parental assistance in preparing junior exhibits is acceptable. President Schmidt already announced the adoption of a new youth judging sheet and criteria.

Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee, President Schmidt announced a vacancy in this position and asked for any volunteers. There was no immediate response.

Committee on Exhibitions, Vern Witt, co-Chrmn., stated that WISCOPEX '94 was in good hands and didn't require any assistance from the committee.

Bylaws Committee, Karen Weigt, Chrmn., reported that although the committee took no specific action within the past year, it soon would begin work on a major revamping of the WFSC's Standing Rules. This document is used for the administration of the WFSC.


Newsletter Editor, Ciete Delvaux , said that after two moves in four months, he and his family finally are settled into their new home. He requested that the WFSC begin a search for a new editor, as he prefers not to resume the editorship after the interim time-out provided for him during his recent moves.

Interim Newsletter Editor, Karen Weigt, reported that serving as interim editor provided her and the Newsletter Committee a feel for how the editor's position could be handled on a more efficient and effective basis while, at the same time, incorporating the updated style and format. Although the Newsletter Commit-tee hoped to have a solid plan for turning the newsletter back over to a permanent editor by July 1, it appears it will take a full year of issues to work out the bugs. She, however, cannot continue indefinitely to keep up with serving as both secretary and editor for the WFSC.

Newsletter Committee, Karen Weigt, Chrmn., stated that unless there were any major complaints, the committee would continue to develop the newsletter in accordance with what has already been introduced. The committee has determined that the newsletter will normally consist of 12 pages per issue. Because of the way it is produced, it has to fall within multiples of four. Editorial would have to be cut considerably to fit into an eight-page issue, and 16 pages are too much for a volunteer editor to handle.

The committee's next main focus will be on diversity of content, which may mean some columns will have to alternate monthly with others. Down the road, the committee is looking at possibly publishing an annual mail bid auction, mainly for the purpose of bringing in more reader participation. It also has to review the wording of the masthead, write a set of "Guidelines for the Editor," and then work out a plan for turning the newsletter over to a permanent editor. At that time, the committee recommends it (the committee) be dissolved and Editorial Advisory Council be formed for the purpose of assisting the editor. The Council's main duty will be to solicit articles for the newsletter and recommend content on a continuing basis. This, with an advertising manager, will relieve the editor of a major portion of responsibilities and the lone-wolf aspect that tends to go with the title.

Last year, delegates requested that the Executive Board consider allowing clubs to promote their show covers without having to pay for an ad. A provision for a "Member Clubs Only Cover Listing" was incorporated within the new advertising rates and policies that first appeared in the April issue of the newsletter, and this should satisfy the 1993 delegates' request.

Newsletter Advertising Manager, Roy Hayes, explained the purpose for the new ad rates and policies is to get the newsletter on a break-even basis rather than having it constantly running at a financial loss to the WFSC. One of the strategies for updating the newsletter to a nicer looking publication is that it now can be used as a marketing tool for commercial advertising. Although the new rate structure may seem complicated to clubs, it is something that is very familiar to dealers who are in the real world of business, and the 20% discount for clubs is already calculated on the rate chart. Ron requested that clubs send him an advance listing of the dealers who have signed on to their shows. He then can contact those dealers and advise them of the opportunity to advertise in Across the Fence Post in con-junction with the show. This also will help to promote club shows through dealer ads.

As an extra service to clubs that may have difficulty in designing a show ad that conforms to one of the new ad sizes, Ron will lay out and design the ad free of charge. He stressed, however, that in order to provide that service, he will need complete detailed information of what the club wants included in the ad.

The new classified ad section serves as means for individual members to communicate with each other, and Ron asked that delegates urge their club members to take advantage of the two free classified ads per individual per year.

WFSC Historian, Steve Langkau, reported that the Executive Board approved "Guidelines for the Historian" last December, and two more binders were added to store WFSC memorabilia. This brings the number of volumes to seven. Steve thanked those who donated artifacts and/or information to the historical files throughout the past year: MaryAnn Bowman, Douglas Galaszewski, William Grosnick Sr., Verna Shackleton, John Spangler, Karen Weigt, Vern Witt, and the Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society. He welcomed any further memorabilia or monetary donations. Monetary donations will be used for the purchase of known historical items missing within the files. He attended all Executive Board meetings within the past year, and he noted that the historical collection is on display in the exhibition hall.

BLUE BOOK Coordinator, Greg Schmidt, stated that a packet of BLUE 1300K update pages was given to all delegates at the check-in table. The pages include revisions in the judging sheets, awards committee section, exhibiting prospectus, and listing of Best in Show and Champion of Champions winners.

American Philatelic Society representative, Karen Weigt, reported that even though the WFSC has been a life member of the APS since 1953, it still is rewarded for participating in the APS/Chapter list exchange program. Instead of getting free dues for qualifying in the program, the WFSC receives an $18 credit each year that is redeemable for any of the APS publications. The WFSC currently has an ac-cumulated credit of $40. Publications purchased with this credit will be passed along to the WFSC membership in the form of either gifts or prizes. She noted that almost all WFSC clubs hold APS chapter membership, and offered application forms to any non-member club that may be interested in joining.

Council of Philatelic Organizations representative, Karen Weigt, related that COPO still lives, but is maintaining a temporary low profile in anticipation of better times to come in their relationship with the U.S. Postal Service. It's remaining treasury, which is no longer subsidized by the U.S. Postal Service, is being used to continue to support printing and distribution of Junior Philatelists of America educational pamphlets. COPO will temporarily discontinue its program of circulating Fun in Philately exhibits for display at major stamp shows. The program was expensive and COPO found that most often the exhibits were being used for club meeting programs, rather than for their intended purpose of attracting the general public to the hobby of stamp collecting. The exhibits will be stored at APS Headquarters.

Cover Exchange Program Coordinator, MaryAnn Bowman, reported that the 1993 program was very successful. It was held in conjunction with National Stamp Collecting Month in October, and it afforded clubs throughout the nation the opportunity to exchange duplicate show and commemorative covers for a set of different covers. The WFSC plans to continue the program.


A. WFSC Financial Support for WISCOPEX was covered in the Finance Committee report.

B. Free Club Show/Commemorative Cover Listing was covered in the News-letter Committee report.


Bids for Future Conventions - Reconfirmed bids were: Badger Stamp Club for 1995, Waukesha County Philatelic Society for 1996, Wauwatosa Philatelic Society for 1997, and Outagamie Philatelic Society for 1998. Raymond Wood, on behalf of the Belle City Stamp Club entered a bid for 1999. WISCOPEX '95 will be held April 22-23, at the Holiday South-east, Madison.

WFSC-sponsored WISCOPEX 95, President Schmidt called for a motion to allow the WFSC, Inc. to sponsor its own annual convention and exhibition (WISCOPEX) in 1995. He explained that the passing of the motion would allow the Badger Stamp Club legal use of the WFSC, Inc.'s Wisconsin State Sales Tax Exemption Number in conjunction with expenses for WISCOPEX '95. The motion was made as called for (bolded above). MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

Dues Assessment for Individuals with Multiple Memberships - Morris Luck, delegate of the North Shore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee, called for a more equitable dues structure, whereby the assessment for individuals who hold multiple club memberships won't be duplicated to each one of those clubs. The matter was referred to the WFSC Executive Board for further consideration.


1994 Club Trivia Contest Prize - MaryAnn Bowman announced that 10 clubs participated in the 1994 contest, and the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club and Green Bay Philatelic Society tied for submitting the most correct answers. Each of the winning clubs received a copy of the hardcover, large-format book "STAMPING OUR HISTORY."

Hall of Fame Class of 1994 - Douglas Galaszewski, Chrmn., Hall of Fame Committee, announced nominees James B. Hale and Karen Weigt for the Class of 1994. A motion was made to accept the nominees. MOTION PASSED UNANI-MOUSLY

President's Award - President Schmidt displayed a President's Award that will be presented to Robert J. Mather for his many years of work as the sole member of the Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee.


Secretary - Karen Weigt was re-elected without opposition. Karen shall serve for another two-year term beginning January 1, 1995.

Treasurer - Deanna Juhnke was re-elected without opposition. Deanna shall serve for another two-year term beginning January 1, 1995.

Vice President, Youth Division - MaryAnn Bowman was re-elected without opposition. MaryAnn shall serve for another one-year term beginning January 1, 1995.

Regional Vice Presidents - All were re-elected without opposition. The following shall serve for another one-year term beginning January 1, 1995:

Northeast Region - Roger Oswald

East Central Region - Fred Ericksen

Central Region - Roy Northwood

Milwaukee Region - John Fagan

Southeast Region - Raymond Wood

Southwest Region - Ron Hayes


Deanna Juhnke (Chrmn., WISCOPEX '94), in accordance with bylaws, was automatically appointed to serve a three-year term on the Standing Committee on Exhibitions with Chrmn., Fred Ericksen and Ron Fritz.

Automatic appointments to the Nominating Committee are Chrmn. Vern Witt, Roy Northwood, and Wm. Grosnlck Sr.

Perry Harris was appointed to serve a three-year term on the Hall of Fame Committee with Chrmn. Verna Shackleton and MaryAnn Bowman.

Karen Weigt was re-appointed Interim Newsletter Editor.


A moment of silence was observed in honor of the following WFSC members deceased in the past year: Quentin Brown, Walter Dee, Alice Heinecke, John Klauss, Stefan Masznicz, Bea Sabatino, Ron Trivica, Francis Wagner, and Lloyd Welch.


A motion was made to thank the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club for hosting the WFSC 1994 convention and exhibition.

The meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.


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