Minutes of the 1996 WFSC's Annual Business Meeting

Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs 65th Annual Convention, May 4, 1996

President Jerry D. Weasner called the 65th Annual Business Meeting of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs to order at 1:05 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Sunspree, Oconomowoc, WI. Verna Shackleton gave the invocation.

Secretary Karen Weigt read the roll call of member clubs and 21 responded, having previously presented their credentials. Two more arrived late with credentials. Total represented (23 listed below): total not represented (10):

American Air Mail Society, Billy Mitchell Chapter,

Badger Stamp Club

Belle City Stamp Club

Central Wisconsin Stamp Club

Chain-o-Lakes Stamp Club

Chippewa Valley Stamp Club

Janesville Stamp Club

Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club

Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club

Manitowoc Philatelic Society

Milwaukee Philatelic Society

North Shore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee

Northwoods Philatelic Society (Iron Mt.)

Oshkosh Philatelic Society

Outagamie Philatelic Society

Ripon Philatelic Society

Sheboygan Stamp Club

Walworth County Stamp Club

Waukesha County Philatelic Society

Wauwatosa Philatelic Society

Wisconsin Blue and Gray Society

Wisconsin Postal History Society

Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society


Treasurer Deanna Juhnke announced 33 clubs had paid 1996 dues, which represents 1,138 individual members. The WFSC also has 13 members-at-large.


A motion was made to approve the minutes of the last meeting. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


President Jerry Weasncr stated that since he just assumed office in January, he had little to report. He said, however, that the WFSC and the 65th convention appear to be going well. Membership totals through growth in the roles of local clubs could be improved. His home club recently picked up four new members from Krause Publishing.

Vice President, Al Marcus, reported that he has attended the Executive Board meetings and he is a member of the Newsletter Committee. He additionally is an active member in the Oshkosh and Outagamie Philatelic Societies.

Secretary, Karen Weigt, reported that she tries to manage the Central Office as a channel for inquiries and dissemination of information. She attended all Executive Board meetings and served on three committees. She furthermore fulfilled responsibilities for three other appointments. Karen thanked clubs for continuing to send her copies of their newsletters, which are used to report activities that appear in "The Club Co-op" column.

Treasurer, Deanna Juhnke distributed copies of the 1995 WFSC financial report. A summary of figures are:

                                                                                                        12/31/94                                                       12/31/95

Checking and Savings (CDs) on Hand                                                         $5080.95                                                      $5444.44

There was a loss of $888.06 on Across the Fence Post. Deanna pointed out that the ATFP report shows income and expenses posted to individual issues of the newsletter, whereby the WFSC Income and Expense report represents actual cash flow. The total value of WFSC inventory (sale and non-sale items) is $360.71. A motion was made to approve the treasurer's re-port. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

Vice President, Youth Division, Maryann Bowman, stated that due to family health concerns and personal reasons, she had to take a low-key approach to promoting youth philately in 1995. Nevertheless, in conjunction with the U.S. Postal Service, she implemented a one-day event held at the Waukesha Public Library during October National Stamp Collecting Month. The event included exhibits, a youth stamp design contest, demonstrations and hands-on activities.

She reported that Wisconsin could be proud of its efforts to promote youth exhibiting. Sixteen youth exhibits were entered at WISCOPEX '96. Several Wisconsin youths have gone on to national competition, and two participated in the American Youth Stamp Exhibiting Champion-ships. At least one Wisconsin youth exhibit will be shown at CAPEX this summer, and three will be showing competitively at PACIFIC '97.

This past year, MaryAnn's "Joining With Juniors" column focused on ideas for youth club activities that could be used in conjunction with U.S. Postal Service new issues.

On the national level, MaryAnn related that the American Philatelic Society recently chose Ken Martin to head a part-time position as youth coordinator. MaryAnn serves on the APS Youth Activities Committee and, last fall, coordinated a successful Youth Document Exchange pro-gram for that committee. She also submits youth activity worksheets for publication in the APS Chapter Activities Committee Newsletter.

She commended Krause Publications for its efforts to promote youth philately by offering a school-year subscription to Stamp Collector to the first 100 schools that wrote to them.

MaryAnn offered her assistance to any club interested in promoting youth philately. She also thanked all who have donated stamps and other philatelic materials in support of youth.

Northeast Region VP, Roger Oswald, reported he attended one or more functions of four of the six WFSC clubs in his area. Distance and meeting times made it difficult for him to visit the Chain-o-Lakes Stamp Club and the Northwoods Philatelic Society (Iron Mt.).

East Central Region VP, In the absence of Fred Ericksen, Karen Weigt read his written report which stated that he has been in contact with all clubs in his region either by telephone, letter, or through visits to meetings and shows. He is a member of the Fond du Lac Stamp Club and the Ripon and Oshkosh Philatelic Societies. He also attended all but one WFSC Executive Board meeting. Fred additionally serves as chairman of the Fond du Lac U.S. Postal Service Customer Advisory Council.

Central Region VP, Ron Fritz, reported that he attended various stamp shows throughout the state within the past year. He also has been in contact with all clubs in his region.

Milwaukee Region VP, John Fagan reported that there are eight clubs in his region and he has visited all of them except for the Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club. He added that auctions are the most important part of club meetings in his region.

Southeast Region VP, Raymond Wood, reported that moving and being out of state for a few months limited his ability to contact all clubs in his region. He did, however, keep in touch with the Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club and the Belle City Stamp Club, which is his home club. Although membership numbers in both clubs is good, meeting attendance is low.

The Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club sponsors a yearly show and participates in the Carthage College "Just Say No" rally. The club sets up displays and distributes approximately 600 packets of stamps and copies of stamp collecting publications at the rally each year.

Last fall, the Belle City Stamp Club promoted stamp collecting through participation in a local Kiwanis Arts and Crafts show. The club also is trying to promote the hobby through the Racine Unified School District.

Southwest Region VP, Ron Hayes, was absent with no report available.


Finance Committee, Deanna Juhnke, Chrmn., reported that the committee received word in January that after the May-June issue, the WFSC would have find an outside, cornmercial printer for Across the Fence Post. Consequently, production costs will be significantly higher, but downsizing the publication to eight pages will help to somewhat compromise those costs. After reviewing quotes from a variety of printers, the committee selected The Printing Place, located in Middleton, WI,

The committee will closely monitor ATFP costs for the next several months so it can project those costs and WFSC income and general operating expenses on an annual basis. Once those figures are calculated, the committee will discuss the possible necessity of a dues increase, a surcharge for ATFP over and above dues, or more downsizing of the newsletter.

Publicity and Public Relations Committee, Karen Weigt, thanked Deanna Juhnke and Vern Witt for their help during the past year. They followed up on the committee's suggestion that the WFSC try to participate in the 100th anniversary celebration of the automotive industry, which will be held in Iola and Stevens Point this summer. The committee's objective was to tie into the festivities for the purpose of introducing the hobby of stamp collecting to the general public. Unfortunately, efforts to organize an activity with the event were unsuccessful.

The committee annually coordinates a WFSC society table at WISCOPEX and MILCOPEX. At WISCOPEX, the committee arranges for the distribution of gifts to all who wear a WFSC logo button. At both shows, publicity fliers for member-club events are distributed and lone collectors are directed to club meetings.

Each year, the committee updates a comprehensive show/bourse/club meeting information flier. Hundreds of these fliers are disbursed throughout the state and surrounding areas.

This is the ninth year the committee has managed the WFSC Club Trivia Contest. It additionally, handled another successful nationwide annual cover exchange program. Last fall, the committee made improvements to the WISCOPEX publicity book, which is passed from host club to host club as a guideline for publicity ideas and press releases.

A future endeavor is plans for special activities in conjunction with Wisconsin's sesquicentennial celebration coming up in 1988. Governor Thompson has already been contacted about the matter, and the committee will push for the WFSC to publish a new edition of "Wisconsin on Stamps" for introduction at the anniversary festivities.

Judging Committee, Greg Schmidt, Chrmn., reported that he was just appointed to the committee chairmanship in January and records had not yet been transferred to him. Committee plans, however, are to solidity single-frame judging criteria. The committee also will be reviewing apprentice judge criteria.

Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee, President Weasner made a call for volunteers to fill the vacancy on the committee.

Committee on Exhibitions, Ron Fritz, Chrmn., announced that no action was required in the past year.

Bylaws Committee, Karen Weigt, Chrmn., reported that no action was required in the past year.


Interim Newsletter Editor, Karen Weigt, thanked all who have contributed articles and news items to Across the Fence Post and ex-pressed hopes that this will continue and proliferate. She currently is working on a new newsletter design to accommodate the downsizing that will take effect with the July-August issue. Readers will see a smaller typeface, some columns will be shortened a bit and regular columns may have to be rotated.

In addition to her normal editor duties, she managed to ward off a potential fall 1996 show date conflict. She also fought to keep ATFP going out 10 times a year when the Finance Committee wanted to cut it to six.

Karen Weigt made an appeal for someone to step forward to assume the position of Newsletter Advertising Manager. She related that she became interim editor in 1994 so she could try to learn how to avoid editor burnout. She soon discovered (1) the editor must be relieved of responsibilities for soliciting ads, handling ad payments, etc.; and (2) the editor needs assistance in soliciting articles and counsel for planning newsletter content. The latter will be accomplished when the current Newsletter Committee completes its initial assignment and be-comes Editorial Advisory Council. The former started out with a great boost from Ron Hayes, who initially handled advertising but then had to resign because of family matters.

Shortly thereafter, the Finance Committee began applying pressure that ATFP must support itself through advertising income or be cut to the bone. Yet, no one to date has stepped forward to get out and pursue ads. Karen said she managed to bring in some through exhaustive efforts made at MILCOPEX '95 and a waiver from the Finance Committee to accept unused U.S. postage stamps in lieu of cash for payment. She also solicited same ads through the mail, and a successful ad campaign was accomplished with the assistance of this year's WISCOPEX committee. All these efforts, however, are not sustaining, and all placed an added burden on the editor.

Karen stressed that this is a grave situation and delegates can help in the following manner: (1) have someone step forward to serve as advertising manager, (2) provide a lead to someone who might be willing to take the position, (3) publicize ATFP individually by talking to favorite dealers and urging them to advertise, (4) patronize ATFP advertisers, and (5) remind home clubs to advertise their shows and club activities in ATFP.

Newsletter Committee, Karen Weigt, Chrmn., said many of the committee's activities have centered on the Finance Committee's report and her two preceding statements. As soon as these matters are squared away, the committee will proceed with preparing a set of Guidelines for the Editor and try to find a permanent editor.

WFSC Historian, Verna Shackleton, reported that the WFSC has five volumes filled with convention materials from 1932 through 1994. A sixth convention volume will be started for the 1995 convention. There are two additional volumes that hold miscellaneous items and information. Verna then distributed a listing of items the WFSC needs to fill in same of the blanks in its history.

BLUE BOOK Coordinator, Greg Schmidt, said all delegates received a set of update pages when they registered for the meeting. The pages should be inserted in their home club's copy of the BLUE BOOK.

American Philatelic Society Representative, Karen Weigt, reported that because 26 of the WFSC's 33 member clubs hold APS chapter or affiliate membership, the WFSC received a $45 credit last year. The credit will be used to purchase APS publications that will be passed on to the WFSC membership in the form of gifts or prizes. She urged all clubs to join the APS and outlined benefits. She offered delegates an APS chapter membership application form and sample copies of the APS Chapter Activities Committee Newsletter.

Cover Exchange Pro-gram Coordinator, MaryAnn Bowman, reported that the program is conducted annually in conjunction with National Stamp Collecting Month and provides a means for clubs to reduce their inventory of covers by exchanging them for different covers that can be used as club auction items, door prizes, or gifts. For every 10 covers (maximum 20) submitted with a large SASE, eight different covers are sent back. The extra two covers are used in the WFSC’s youth program. In 1995, 55 participants from across the country submitted 880 covers. This is more than double the number of participants from 1994. The program will be offered again this year.


Fee Assessment/Surcharge for Across the Fence Post - Deanna Juhnke explained that a proposal was made at the 1995 convention that the WFSC might implement a new financial structure to help covers costs of producing ATFP. The Finance Committee investigated two forms of this possibility: (1) offer individual subscriptions to ATFP, or (2) impose a charge for the number of newsletters a club receives. In order to offer individual subscriptions, the WFSC by-laws would have to be changed from club memberships to strictly individual memberships, and handling individual subscriptions would require considerably more volunteer labor.

Further investigation of this matter was tabled when it became necessary to go to a commercial entity for printing and to downsize the publication. After approximately six months experience with these changes, the Finance Committee will have enough figures to again discuss a means of making ATFP at least break even.

Delegate comments to this report included emphasis that the newsletter is the major benefit of membership. It, therefore, should be subsidized by the WFSC rather than having to operate on a break-even concept. Unless the WFSC is looking to accumulate more money in reserve, it should be concerned only at breaking even as a whole. Other suggestions were to cut the number of copies sent to each club and reevaluate if same of the money now held in savings could be used to subsidize ATFP.


Bids for Future Conventions - Reconfirmed bids were: Wauwatosa Philatelic Society for 1997. Outagamie Philatelic Society for 1998 and Sheboygan Stamp Club and Manitowoc Philatelic Society for 2001. The Belle City Stamp Club rescinded its bid for 1999 leaving it and the year 2000 open.

WFSC'-sponsored WISCOPEX '97 - President Weasncr called for a motion to allow the WFSC the option to sponsor its own annual convention and exhibition (WISCOPEX) in 1977. Passing the motion allows the Wauwatosa Philatelic Society legal use of the WFSC's Wisconsin State Sales Tax Exemption Number for WISCOPEX '97 expenses. The motion (bolded above) was made. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

Proposed Wisconsin-related Stamp Issue

The delegate from the Janesville Stamp Club asked if the WFSC could be of assistance in promoting the painting "The Miracle" as a stamp subject. The painting depicts the famous white buffalo that was born in Janesville a few years ago. The delegate was informed that the WFSC's Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee handles these promotions. Currently, however, there is no one serving on the committee.


Hall of' Fame Class of 1995 - MaryAnn Bowman, Chrmn., Hall of lame Committee, proposed nominees Fred Ericksen, John Fagan and Fred "Liemann for the Class of 1996. A motion was made to accept the nominees. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

1995 Club Trivia Contest Prize - MaryAnn Bowman announced that eight clubs participated in the ninth annual contest and the winner was the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club. The CWSC was presented with the prize, a mixture of worldwide stamps.

WFSC Dealer Recognition Award - President Weasner announced that the 1996 recipient is Renee's Stamps and the award presentation will take place at the evening banquet. ELECTION OF OFFICERS

Secretary - Karen Weigt was re-elected without opposition. Karen shall serve for another two-year term beginning January 1, 1997.

Treasurer - Deanna Juhnke was re-elected without opposition. Deanna shall serve for an-other two-year term beginning January 1, 1997.

Vice President, Youth Division - MaryAnn Bowman was re-elected without opposition. Mary Ann shall serve for another one-year term beginning January 1, 1997.

Regional Vice Presidents -the following shall serve for a one-year term beginning January 1, 1997:

(Newly elected without opposition)

East Central Region -- Paul T. Schroeder

(Re-elected without opposition)

Northeast Region -- Roger Oswald

Central Region -- Ron Fritz

Milwaukee Region -- John Fagan

Southeast Region -- Raymond Wood

Because there were two nominees for South-west Region VP, 22 votes were cast written ballot (the Badger Stamp Club delegate had previously left the meeting). Greg Schmidt and Al Marcus were appointed to count the ballots. The tally was Ron Hayes (12): Dwane Kaplenk (10). Ron Hayes was re-elected.


Robert J. Mather (Chrmn., WISCOPEX’96. in accordance with bylaws, was automatically appointed to serve a three-year term on the Standing Committee on Exhibitions with Chrmn. Deanna Juhnke and Dan Undersander.

Automatic appointments to the Nominating Committee are Chrmn. Roy Northwood. Wm. Grosnick Sr. and Greg Schmidt.

Frank Moertl was appointed to serve a three-year term on the hall of Fame Committee with Chrmn. Perry Harris and Robert J. Mather.

Karen Weigt was re-appointed Interim Newsletter Editor.


A moment of silence was observed in honor of the following WFSC members deceased in the past year: Clarence Becker, Ruth Chasser, James Flores, Ed Frauenhrim, George Haertel, Richard Hahn, Emil Jaschinski, James Kalkins, Randy Moldenhauer, Ken Sieraki, Harry Thayer and Mary Lou Wagner.


A motion was made to thank the Waukesha County Philatelic Society for hosting the 1996 WFSC convention and exhibition

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.


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