Minutes of the 2001 WFSC's Annual Business Meeting

Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs 70th Annual Convention, May 5, 2001

The 70th Annual Business Meeting of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs was called to order by President Paul T. Schroeder at 1:05 p.m. at the Sheboygan Auditorium (Armory), Sheboygan, WI. Verna Shackleton gave the invocation.


Welcome to American Topical Association Chapter No. 5 - President Schfoeder formally welcomed the recently reorganized ATA Chapter No. 5 back to WFSC membership. Art Schmitz accepted the WFSC membership certificate on behalf of the club.

Walworth County Stamp Club Disbandment - President Schroeder expressed regrets that the club had disbanded as of December 31, 2000. He also announced that the group had donated $450, the remains of its treasury, to the WFSC.


Secretary Karen Weigt read the roll call of member clubs and 18 responded, having previously presented their credentials. Total of 2001 membership represented was 18 (listed below); total not represented was 15.

Badger Stamp Club

Central Wisconsin Stamp Club

Fond du Lac Stamp Club

Germany Philatelic Society, Chapter 18

Janesville Stamp Club

Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club

Manitowoc Philatelic Society

North Shore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee

Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club

Oshkosh Philatelic Society

Outagamie Philatelic Society

Polish American Stamp Club

Ripon Philatelic Society

Rockford Stamp Club

Sheboygan Stamp Club

Waukesha County Philatelic Society

Wauwatosa Philatelic Society

Wisconsin Postal History Society


Treasurer Deanna Juhnke announced that total club membership is 33. One club, however, the Chain-O-Lakes Stamp Club, has not yet paid 2001 dues. Consequently, until that group pays current-year dues plus next year's dues, it no longer will receive benefits of WFSC membership and will be officially removed from the WFSC rolls at the 2002 Annual Business Meeting.

The 32 clubs in good standing represent 1018 individual members. The WFSC also has 18 members-at-large.


A motion was made to approve the minutes of the last meeting. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


President Paul T. Schroeder thanked fellow officers, committee members and other appointees for their year of service. He also said it has been a privilege for him to serve in a leadership position for the past 18 months where he presided over WFSC business carried out at the 2000 Annual Business Meeting and at the various Executive Board meetings. He commented that although the WFSC is in good health, there's continued concern for the on-going viability of the hobby. Paul added that he supports the adoption of the two proposed by-laws amendments that will be voted upon later in the meeting.

Vice President A1 Marcus said he attended most of the Executive Board meetings held throughout the past year. He enjoys visiting various WFSC member club meetings when-ever possible. He finds it especially rewarding to attend stamp shows and chat with dealers. A1 said he hopes to continue to be of assistance to the WFSC.

Karen Weigt, Secretary, outlined duties associated with her position, which includes much record-keeping associated with member-ship lists, officer/committee lists, mailing lists, club meeting information, etc. Keeping files in order is also a part of her job and last summer she spent considerable time rearranging computer files on diskettes and appropriately labeling such diskettes.

In addition to performing secretarial duties, she served on three WFSC committees and fulfilled responsibilities for three other appointments. She created a set of "Guidelines for the BLUE BOOK Coordinator" and used her computer to print the cachet that appears on the WFSC's first-day Deer postal cards.

Karen thanked all clubs for continuing to send her copies of their newsletters. She thoroughly reads all of them and uses the information for her "The Club Co-op" column that appears in Across the Fence Post.

Treasurer Deanna Juhnke reviewed the 2000 WFSC financial report distributed to each delegate. A summary of figures are:

1/1/00 12131/00

Checking and Savings

(CD) on Hand $9232.15 $8999.10

The value of sale-item inventory is $516.25. As usual, Across the Fence Post expenses exceeded ad income, with the 2000 report listing a loss of $931.01.

Deanna added that the WFSC's financial records are audited each year, and Art Arntsen, of the Badger Stamp Club, has performed that service for the past several years. His report for the 2000 audit is that all is in order.

A motion was made to approve the treasurer's report. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

President Schroeder announced that because MaryAnn Bowman, Vice President, Youth Division, is tied up with the show's youth activities table, all of her reports will be read by Secretary Karen Weigt.

MaryAnn reported that Wisconsin continues its efforts to promote youth philately through several active youth clubs and a regular column appearing in Across the Fence Post. Those who volunteer as youth group leaders depend on WFSC clubs and individuals for donations of stamps and philatelic supplies. MaryAnn announced that just today, the Ripon Philatelic Society turned over a generous cash donation to the WFSC Youth Division.

MaryAnn reported that the computer age has provided youth with an opportunity to connect with the hobby through various Web sites, including the Youth Page found at the American Philatelic Society's site. Activity ideas for adult leaders of youth groups also are available at this site.

MaryAnn said it appears that the U.S. Postal Service will incorporate its Stampers program into its Wee Deliver program. There's also rumor that the USPS may discontinue its support of youth areas at major stamp shows. Nevertheless, due to dedicated adult leaders and mentors, youth philately is alive and well in Wisconsin. This year's WISCOPEX has more youth than adult exhibit entries.

MaryAnn further related that she handles the American Topical Association's youth pro-gram and she is planning a youth contest that will be announced this summer.

George Stolze Sr., Northeast Region VP, was absent with no report available.

Vern Witt, East Central Region VP, re-ported that within the past year he visited five of the six clubs in his region and will get to a Ripon Philatelic Society meeting within the next few weeks. Clubs have expressed the following comments/criticisms:

• Their members would like to see a more complete listing of WISCOPEX dealers in Across the Fence Post. To this, Vern suggested that everyone should attend the event with or without a listing. In this way, they'll discover for themselves which dealers are present.

• They don't like the pen cancellations coming through on stamps franking their ATFP mailings.

• A late-April date for WISCOPEX is preferred to any May date. Vern explained reasons why an April date is not always possible.

Across the Fence Post

July-August 2001

Vern praised the Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club for its excellent youth program and commended Mary Yahr, who leads the youth group.

Jim Johnson, Central Region VP, was absent with no report available.

Art Schmitz, Southeast Region VP, re-ported that in the past year he visited all but one of the clubs in his district. He added that he is pleased that the American Topical Association Chapter No. 5, which is in his district, has rejoined the WFSC.

There was no South Central Region report as the VP position is vacant.

Valerie Cook, Southwest Region VP, re-ported that due to leg surgery, her past year's activity was somewhat limited. She did, however, attend most of the WFSC Executive Board meetings. She additionally visited a Rockford Stamp Club meeting to introduce herself and welcome the group into WFSC membership. She attended most of the Janesville Stamp Club's meetings, the JSC being her home club, and she's been in touch with individuals involved in the Badger Stamp Club and the Baraboo Stamp Club. Valerie added that she's looking forward to another year of philatelic fun!

REPORTS OF STANDING COMMITTEES Deanna Juhnke, Chrmn., Finance Committee, reported that because the Executive Board had no financial questions to be re-solved, no committee action was required in the past year.

Karen Weigt, member of the Publicity and Public Relations Committee, reported that with WFSC Treasurer Deanna Juhnke and Deanna's husband, Rollie, she worked at the WFSC society table at last year's MILCOPEX. She's also helping to staff today's WFSC table.

Karen then reviewed what's involved with coordinating the WFSC table, which includes ensuring that all member club information is current. While preparing for today's event, she noted a dramatic drop in the number of clubs that are providing her with their publicity literature: program cards, brochures, fliers, etc. She urged delegates to visit today's table and pick up samples of what other clubs have put together for publicity, go back to their home clubs, and get something going in this regard. Many visitors from throughout the state stop at the table to inquire about clubs in their areas. It's important, therefore, to have all clubs represented.

Karen showed examples of the WFSC's own publicity brochures. One is titled "Stamp Clubs and You" and promotes organized philately. The other is "The Wisconsin Idea!," which promotes the benefits of WFSC membership.

Karen also referred to the WFSC's show/ bourse/club meeting information flier that she


Updates each year. It is included with the September issue of Across the Fence Post, and more than 100 additional copies are distributed to visitors at MILCOPEX and WISCOPEX.

The WFSC's Web site also contains member club meeting information, which is updated twice a year. The site generates approximately eight e-mail inquiries a year about Wisconsin clubs. Unfortunately, she had two recent inquiries from individuals who ventured out to club meetings only to find that no one was there. This is embarrassing and doesn't help a club's image. In following up, she learned that these particular clubs had simply decided not to meet on a publicized meeting date and neither did they leave a sign on the door with a contact phone number nor any type of explanation.

With regard to the WFSC's Web site, Karen explained that it currently is handled through the American Philatelic Society's Chapter Activities Committee, which has an individual as-signed to make requested changes. The WFSC, therefore, keeps it simple. If the WFSC had its own Webmaster, the site could be expanded to include more information, but a volunteer is needed for this position.

In response to club cries of decreasing membership, Karen directed delegates to a series of articles she began in December 1999 within her "The Club Co-op" column that suggest means of trying to solve that problem.

On the national level, the WFSC has pro-vided information to assist a newly forming Ohio federation of stamp clubs. And, after each WISCOPEX, she sends a news release to the philatelic press announcing elections results; exhibit winnings, and awards presented.

MaryAnn Bowman, the other member of the Publicity and Public Relations Commit-tee, reported that she is working on the second in a series of WFSC-produced mini-exhibit pages that clubs can use for promoting themselves and the hobby. This year's theme is sports, and the pages will be mailed with the September issue of Across the Fence Post.

Each page contains a written narrative with space for mounting easily obtainable philatelic material. Each page allows for flexibility of material choice: stamps, covers, plate blocks, souvenir sheets, etc. The idea is for club members to plug in the philatelic items, thereby creating an exhibit that can be displayed at a local library, post office, school or some other public place with the hope that it will attract both adult and youth noncollectors to the hobby. A page with club meeting information and other promotional material also can be added. MaryAnn requested input with regard to this year's pages such as which sports might be featured, a unique title, sports-related facts, and even album-like borders.

Vern Witt, a member of the Judging Committee, reported that the committee approved WISCOPEX 'O1 judges and there have been no new applications for the apprenticeship program.

President Schroeder called for a volunteer to take over responsibilities of the Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee.

Claude Giralte, Chrmn., Committee on Exhibitions, submitted a written report read by Secretary Karen Weigt. Claude reported that the committee successfully implemented the WFSC Husak Topical Award and the WISCOPEX Club Award. There are no new projects at this time.

Karen Weigt, Chrmn., Bylaws Commit-tee, reported that two amendments to the WFSC bylaws have been proposed for approval at today's meeting. Other action in the past year was a minor amendment to the WFSC's Standing Rules. The amendment includes the BLUE BOOK coordinator in the list of "Miscellaneous Appointments," thereby making it a long-standing position.

REPORTS OF SPECIAL COMMITTEES / PROJECTS AND OTHER APPOINTEES Karen Weigt, Newsletter Editor, related that as suggested within the judges' critique received in conjunction with the American Philatelic Society Chapter Activities Committee 1999 Newsletter Competition, a footer has been added to each page of Across the Fence Post. The action was implemented with the September 2000 issue.

Karen said she’d spend the summer months planning September 2001 through July-August 2002 issues. She urged contributions of articles and stressed that no writing experience is necessary. In fact, an incentive for short, less than 300-word articles, will be offered in the September 2001 issue. A new column that focuses on back-of-the-book material will be introduced in that issue, too.

Jim Seiler, ATFP Ad Manger, provided a listing of year 2000 advertisers, their ad sizes, and issues in which their ads appeared. Copies were distributed to all delegates within their delegate packets.

Karen Weigt, Chrmn., Newsletter Committee, reported there was no committee action within the past year.

Verna Shackleton, WFSC Historian, re-ported that all nine binders of historical material are current. The May-June 2001 issue of Across the Fence Post features an article she wrote about the evolution of the WFSC historian position and a brief description of what is included in the WFSC archives. It also lists known items that are missing.

Greg Schmidt, BLUE BOOK Coordinator, reported that the book continues to be up-dated. Instructions of how to acquire a set of the 2001-update pages will appear in the September 2001 issue of Across the Fence Post. Karen Weigt, American Philatelic Society Representative, said she has submitted all necessary APS reports and there are currently 33 WFSC clubs that hold APS chapter or affiliate membership. Consequently, the WFSC receives an annual credit from the APS that can be used for purchase of APS publications that are passed on to the WFSC membership in the form of gifts or prizes. The current credit balance is $66.

Karen outlined benefits of APS chapter membership and urged all clubs that are not members to pick up an application form from her.

Since this is APS officer election year, she referred delegates to the May-June issue of Across the Fence Post. It includes an article about three Wisconsinites who are running for office and lists the candidates that received the WFSC's votes.

MaryAnn Bowman, Cover Exchange Pro-gram Coordinator, reported that the program is offered each year in conjunction with October National Stamp Collecting Month and is open to all philatelic organizations and individuals. The program provides clubs an opportunity to reduce their inventory of covers by exchanging them for different covers that can be used as club auction items, door prizes, or gifts.

Last year's exchange was one of the largest in the history of the program and brought in a nice variety of covers. Publicity was published m Linn's Stamp News, on the Internet, and within First Days, the journal of the American First Day Cover Society.

It appears that the American Philatelic Society's Chapter Activities Committee is pre-paring to offer a similar program on an on-going basis. The WFSC, therefore, will evaluate the future of its program at the conclusion of the October 2001 exchange.

Karen Weigt, Editor, Wisconsin on Stamps, reported that her time for working on the publication is limited to the summer and early fall months and she hopes to make more headway this summer.

John Fagan, WFSC Awards Chairman, reported that he has prepared all awards as re-quested and design details for the WISCOPEX Club Award have been finalized.


Advance Listing of WISCOPEX Dealers in Across the Fence Post - President Schroeder announced that as requested by delegates at the 2000 Annual Business Meeting, at least a partial listing of WISCOPEX 2001 dealers was published. The problem is that dealers often wait too long to commit themselves to the show and miss the publication deadline date. This is a stumbling block, but the Executive Board is trying to do what it can by reminding Across the Fence Post

The WISCOPEX bourse chairman to alert dealers to the listing deadline. This is best accomplished through the bourse contract cover letter.

Reallocation of Regional VP Districts - President Schroeder reported that the proposed reallocation discussed at the 2000 Annual Business Meeting has been accomplished.


Bylaws Amendments - To fulfill requirements for notifying the WFSC membership of a vote on proposed amendments, the following were published in the March 2001 issue of Across the Fence Post:

AMENDMENT 2: Under ARTICLE VIII, OFFICERS, Section 1, the word "six" shall be changed to "seven" to read:

The elected officers shall consist of a President, A Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Vice-President Youth Division, and seven Regional Vice-Presidents.

Purpose: To allow the WFSC to add a second regional VP to the Southeast district, which encompasses the Milwaukee area, Kenosha and Racine.

AMENDMENT 2: Under ARTICLE VIII, OFFICERS, Section 3, the words "January 1 of the ensuring year" shall be changed to "July 1 of the current year" and include a provision for a mail ballot election. The entire portion of the section shall read:

No individual shall be elected to more than one office, and term of office shall begin on July I of the current year. If WISCOPEX is scheduled to be held later than June 15, a special mail ballot election shall be held with ballots mailed no later than March I S and returned within 60 days.

Purpose: To shorten the time between the election and when new individuals take office. The amendment is intended to become effective with the 2001 elections.

A motion was made to adopt AMENDMENT 1 as stated. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

A motion was made to adopt AMENDMENT 2 as stated. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

Bids for Future Conventions - Recon-firmed bids were: Rockford Stamp Club for 2002 and Outagamie Philatelic Society for 2003. There were no bids for 2004, 2005, and 2006.

WFSC-sponsored WISCOPEX 2002 - President Schroeder called for a motion to al-low the WFSC the option to sponsor its own annual convention and exhibition (WISCOPEX) in 2002. Passing the motion allows the Rockford Stamp Club legal use of the WFSC's Wisconsin State Sales Tax Exemption Number for WISCOPEX 2002 expenses. The motion (bolded) was made. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


Hall of Fame Class of 2001 - Perry Harris, Chrmn., Hall of Fame Committee, pro-posed nominees Bill Otto and Tom Sanford for the Class of 2001.

A motion was made to accept the nomination of Bill Otto. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

A motion was made to accept the nomination of Tom Sanford. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

WFSC Dealer Recognition Award - President Schroeder announced that the 2001 recipient is Jim Lukes of Ltikes Stamps and Coins, Manitowoc, WI. The award presentation will take place at the evening banquet.

2001 Trivia Contest Prize - President Schroeder read MaryAnn Bowman's written announcement that the winner of the fourteenth annual contest is the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club. The club's delegate was presented with the prize, "The Duck Stamp Story," a book donated by Krause Publications.

VVISCOPEX Club Awards - President Schroeder presented the 1999 award to the Badger Stamp Club delegate. The 2000 award was presented to the Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club delegate.


President - Allan Marcus was elected without opposition. A1 shall serve for a two-year term beginning July 1, 2001.

Vice President - Hank Schmidt was elected without opposition. Hank shall serve for a two-year term beginning July 1, 2001.

Vice President, Youth Division - MaryAnn Bowman was re-elected without op-position. MaryAnn shall serve for another one-year term beginning July 1, 2001.

Regional Vice Presidents - The following shall serve for a one-year term beginning July 1, 2001:

(Newly elected without opposition) Southeast Region (1) - Kurt Albrecht South Central Region - Brian J. Liedtke (re-elected without opposition)

Northeast Region - George Stolze Sr. East Central Region - Vern Witt Central Region - Jim Johnson Southeast Region (2) - Art Schmitz Southwest Region - Valerie Cook


Robert Matzek (Chrmn., WISCOPEX 'O1), in accordance with bylaws, was automatically

July-August 2001)

Appointed to serve a three-year term on the Standing Committee on Exhibitions with Chrmn. Al Marcus and Charles Shoemaker. AI's position will be replaced as of July 1, when he assumes the office of WFSC President.

Automatic appointments to the Nominating Committee are Chrmn. Vern Witt, Greg Schmidt and Paul T. Schroeder.

Jim Maher was appointed to serve a three-year term on the Hall of Fame Committee with Chrmn. Frank Moertl and Greg Schmidt. Karen Weigt was appointed Newsletter Editor.


John Fagan, chief hinge licker of the Foot-loose Filatelists of America (Wisconsin Pane), reported a treasury balance of $135. He also has several gift/award items on hand. John explained that the Footloose Filatelists' sole purpose is to provide awards and gifts for WISCOPEX youth exhibitors. He added that for the past few years, the cash balance has been maintained through donations from Milwaukee-area clubs. From time to time, he also places some of the donated books that are too specialized for youth in Milwaukee-area club auctions. Proceeds are added to the Footloose Filatelists' treasury.


A moment of silence was observed in honor of the following WFSC members deceased in the past year: Peter Christensen, Art Faraca, James Gow, John Haberman, Robert Jatzek, Irene Orz, Walter (Bud) Petersen, Dorothy Re-pine, Ray Van Handel Jr., Mrs. Alfred Ward, A1 West, and Raymond Wood.


A motion was made to thank the Sheboygan Stamp Club and the Manitowoc Philatelic Society for hosting the 2001 WFSC convention and exhibition.

The meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

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