Minutes of the 2002 WFSC's Annual Business Meeting

Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs 71st Annual Convention, March 9, 2002

President Allan C. Marcus called the 71st Annual Business Meeting of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs to order at 1 p.m. at the Forest Hills Lodge, Rockford, IL. Verna Shackleton gave the invocation.


Welcome to Monroe Stamp and Postcard Club - President Marcus formally welcomed the recently organized Monroe Stamp and Post-card Club into WFSC membership. The club's delegate, Earl Button, accepted the WFSC membership certificate on behalf of the club.

Chain-o-Lakes Stamp Club Membership Termination - President Marcus announced the Chain-o-Lakes Stamp Club had resigned its WFSC membership. The reason stated was low club membership.


Secretary Karen Weigt read the roll call of member clubs and 17 responded, having previously presented their credentials. Total of 2002 membership represented was 17 (listed below); total not represented was 16.

American Air Mail Society

Billy Mitchell Chapter

Badger Stamp Club

Germany Philatelic Society, Chapter 18

Janesville Stamp Club

Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club

Lake County Philatelic Society

Milwaukee Philatelic Society

Monroe Stamp and Postcard Club

Northshore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee

Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club

Northwoods Philatelic Society (Iron Mt.)

Oshkosh Philatelic Society

Outagamie Philatelic Society

Rockford Stamp Club S

Seboygan Stamp Club

Waukesha County Philatelic Society

Wauwatosa Philatelic Society


Treasurer Deanna Juhnke announced that total WFSC membership is 33 clubs. This represents 30 clubs in good standing with a collective 949 individual members on their roles. Three clubs have not yet paid 2002 dues. They will be reminded of the delinquency before member-ship privileges are suspended. The WFSC also has 16 members-at-large.


Secretary Karen Weigt announced a correction to the 2001 meeting minutes: the Milwaukee Philatelic Society should be included in the attendance list. A motion was made to approve the minutes with the correction. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


President Al Marcus stated that it's been an interesting and exciting seven months since he began his term of office. Chuck Shoemaker has taken over as ATFP distributor. He also appointed Jay Bigalke to fill the vacancy of the Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee. Jay also will help out next month with producing the WFSC's Wisconsin Greetings first-day cover.

In the absence of WFSC Vice President Hank Schmidt, Secretary Karen Weigt read his written report. Hank stated that upon request, he has been kept apprised of all WFSC matters. He also is attempting to familiarize himself with the WFSC's Bylaws and Standing Rules. He had initiated the contact with Doug Henkle regarding the position of Webmaster. Doug accepted the appointment and a WFSC site was established. Health problems have kept him from visiting any of the WFSC member clubs.

Karen Weigt, Secretary, outlined duties associated with her position, which include updating records, distributing meeting notices, preparing agendas, transcribing minutes, handling general WFSC Central Office correspondence, and preparing other official documents as directed by the Executive Board.

She reported poor response from member clubs regarding a request on this year's Annual Member Club Registration Form for Web-publishable e-mail addresses. She asked delegates to urge their clubs to send her that information. Karen said she devoted considerable time this past year providing information to the WFSC's Webmaster for use in building the new site. They worked together, too, in developing policies on site content.

Karen also served on three committees and fulfilled responsibilities for three other appointments. She again thanked all clubs for sending her copies of their newsletters.

Treasurer Deanna Juhnke reviewed the 2001 WFSC financial report distributed to each delegate. A summary of figures are:

1/1/01 12131/01

Checking and Savings

(CD) on Hand $8999.10 $9326.66

The value of sale-item inventory is $500.10, and Across the Fence Post expenses exceeded income by $1346.67. The $7,870.72 CD is being held as up-front money for producing a second edition of Wisconsin on Stamps.

Deanna reported that Art Arntsen, of the Badger Stamp Club, audited the 2001 financial records and found everything in order. She related that the WFSC always has an alternative signatory for check signing and CD paperwork. Jim Maher, who recently passed away, served as the alternate for several years. Paul T. Schroeder, who lives in Oshkosh and is the WFSC's immediate past-president, now has that authority. In response to an inquiry, it was clarified that the safe deposit box is at a bank in Madison near the WFSC's Central Office location. The WFSC secretary and president have access to the box.

A motion was made to approve the treasurer's report. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

MaryAnn Bowman was absent and Secretary Karen Weigt read all her written reports.

In MaryAnn's report as Vice President, Youth Division, she stated that the American Philatelic Society and the Collectors' Club of Chicago are attempting to attract youngsters to philately through the Internet. The APS has youth activities at its website. The AskPhil Academy is a part of the Chicago group's site. It offers a series of mini-lessons on stamp collecting. When completed, the youth receives a certificate of achievement.

Several local clubs in Wisconsin sponsor youth groups and there are many youth exhibits entered for competition at WISCOPEX '02. MaryAnn said she is still writing the "Joining With Juniors" column that appears in Across the Fence Post and at the WFSC's website. She also works closely with both the APS and the American Topical Association serving in various youth capacities.

George Stolze Sr., Northeast Region VP, was absent with no report available.

Vern Witt, East Central Region VP, was absent but submitted a written report. Vern said he visited five of the six clubs in his region. He plans to visit the Ripon Philatelic Society soon. Comments from those groups visited include objections to: (1) pen-canceled stamps on Across the Fence Post mailing envelopes, (2) slow response from WISCOPEX host clubs to inquiries regarding exhibit entries and other aspects of the event, and (3) show and first-day covers produced on envelopes other than the standard No. 6'/a size.

Vern commended the Oshkosh Philatelic Society for its informative newsletter and meeting programs.

Jim Johnson, Central Region VP, was absent with no report available.

Art Schmitz, one of the Southeast Region VPs, reported that he visited four of the six clubs assigned to him. Plans are to visit the Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club in April. He attended TRIPEX and the Milwaukee-area Distinguished Philatelists Appreciation Dinner. He is active in the American Topical Association Chapter V and presented a slide show at one of the meetings. Tentative plans are to repeat the presentation at a joint meeting of the Kenosha club and the Belle City Stamp Club.

He attended the funerals of two Milwaukee-area philatelists and asked his assigned clubs to inform him of any deaths so he can represent the WFSC at the funerals.

It's believed that most clubs in the southeast region are maintaining their memberships, with the Wauwatosa Philatelic Society and the ATA Chapter V gaining members. The latter group has been involved in showing single-frame non-competitive exhibits at a number of area shows.

Kurt Albrecht, the second Southeast Region VP, was absent with no report available. Brian J. Liedtke, South Central Region VP, reported that of the state's six regional districts, his has the least number of clubs. The number dropped to three when the Wisconsin Postal History Society's central office moved to the northeast region. As a member of the Waukesha County Philatelic Society, he has attended several of that group's meetings. Plans are to visit the Cooney Numismatists and Philatelists and the Lake County Philatelic Society before year's end.

Valerie Cook, Southwest Region VP, re-ported that since taking office in January 1998, she has attended all Annual Business Meetings and most WFSC Executive Board meetings. A recent surgery and responsibilities at her job have kept her from being more active. She did manage, however, to visit some of the clubs in her region. She encouraged the newly formed Mo-roe Stamp and Postcard Club to join the WFSC and the outcome was positive. Valerie also stated that she is available to serve as a liaison between the five clubs in her region and the WFSC administration. She furthermore considers it an honor to serve as a WFSC regional VP.


Deanna Juhnke, Chrmn., Finance Committee, reported that the committee made the following recommendations to the WFSC Executive Board (not all recommendations were adopted):

Sell the WFSC's supply of Lombardi first-day programs for $1 each.

Transfer $2,500 from checking to the CD account when the CD renewed on May 28, 2001.

Allow member clubs to financially sup-port Across the Fence Post by sponsoring a front page.

Finance a website depending on cost per year and benefits to be derived.

Deanna was asked if the WFSC could get an interest-bearing checking account. She responded that the matter was researched some time ago and it wasn't an option. The account is currently at Bank One at Stevens Point. She will again look into the possibility of an account that would earn interest.

Karen Weigt, member of the Publicity and Public Relations Committee, reported that most of her committee activity in the past year revolved around supplying content for the WFSC's new website. Material was furnished in the form of e-mail attachments to the Webmaster and much of it required updating before it was sent.

She produced the usual annual show/bourse/ club meeting information flier that publicizes WFSC member clubs and their shows and bourses. She invited delegates to provide their club publicity items for distribution at the WFSC table. Karen will be involved in the upcoming Wisconsin Greetings stamp first-day ceremony. She'll coordinate a table for the purpose of promoting stamp collecting, WFSC clubs, and club events. She also will produce a 16-page exhibit related to Wisconsin on stamps for display at the ceremony. She additionally is handling publicity for the WFSC's Wisconsin Greetings first-day cover.

MaryAnn Bowman, the other member of the Publicity and Public Relations Committee, stated in her written report that for the second year, the WFSC produced mini-exhibit pages to be used for club and hobby promotion. The pages were distributed with the September 2001 issue of Across the Fence Post.

The eight exhibit pages include a written narrative and flexible space for mounting easily obtainable philatelic material related to the text. The pages can be displayed at a local library, post office, school, or some other public place with hopes of attracting both adult and youth noncollectors to the hobby.

MaryAnn asked if clubs would like the WFSC to continue this annual project. She also requested input as to whether or not clubs consider it important that the exhibits relate to the National Stamp Collecting Month theme.

Frank Moertl, Chrmn., Judging Committee, submitted a written report, which was read by Secretary Karen Weigt. Frank reported that in an attempt to simplify paperwork, WFSC judges have been experimenting with using only the adult open competition-judging sheet for all adult exhibits. The result has been quite satisfactory as the criteria from the extraneous single-frame, first-day cover, and philatelic artwork sheets are easily adapted to criteria listed on the adult open sheet. Youth, of course, still have their own judging criteria.

Jay Bigalke, sole member of the Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee, submitted a written report read by Secretary Karen Weigt. Jay reported that he contacted an official at the U.S. Postal Service Headquarters regarding a first-day in Appleton, WI, for a future Edna Ferber stamp. Response was that the USPS official was not aware that Ferber had spent a good share of her life in Appleton and the in-formation would be placed on file.

Jay stated that a Houdini stamp second-day ceremony is scheduled to be held in Appleton on July 5. Program details will be discussed at the next planning committee meeting.

The Greetings From Wisconsin first-day ceremony is planned for April 4 at 11 a.m. at the State Capitol Building. The governor is expected to speak and the WFSC will have a table. Private cover sales, however, are not allowed on the Capitol grounds. The USPS liked the WFSC's offer to provide an exhibit with a Wisconsin-related theme and they will bring their 16-page frame to the ceremony.

Claude Giralte, Chrmn., Committee on Exhibitions, was absent with no report available. Karen Weigt, Chrmn., Bylaws Committee, reported that no action was required of the committee during the past year.


Karen Weigt, Newsletter Editor, related that last summer she informed the WFSC Executive Board that she would be retiring from the position held since January 1994. The retirement is effective as of completion of the December 2002 issue. Reasons for stepping down include inability to keep up the workload, a desire to slow down and pursue other projects, and agreement with the Executive Board that it isn't healthy for any organization when one person holds two key WFSC positions. In Karen's case, it is newsletter editor and secretary.

Karen said she would be slacking off on Across the Fence Post content as of the July-August issue, which will be very brief. These are slow news months anyway, and about a third of the WFSC member clubs don't meet throughout the summer. Plans for the September through December issues are to publish a minimum number of pages with only a few articles here and there. Perhaps this will encourage someone else to step in and take over.

Karen thanked all writers who have contributed to ATFP during her tenure. She has enjoyed working with them and has learned that Wisconsin has a wealth of talented writers and knowledgeable philatelists. She asked for some one to volunteer to take her place and at the very least, for delegates to provide names of individuals who might be interested in the position. If desired, she is willing to assist a new editor and the WFSC has a committee available to provide counsel and help.

Dwane Kaplenk, ATFP Ad Manager, re-ported that he has made multiple copies of a sheet listing ATFP ad rates, which he plans to distribute widely. He encouraged more clubs to submit ads for their local shows; a display ad draws more attention to the events. He offered to work with potential advertisers to assist with ad content and design.

Karen Weigt, Chrmn., Newsletter Committee, reported that although the committee didn't actually confer within the past year, she did bring two matters directly to the Executive Board:

The policy for free listings on the ATFP "Show Calendar and Registry" had become outdated. The previous policy was that free listings were granted only to shows that included judged exhibits. Noting that fewer and fewer shows were meeting that criterion, she suggested eliminating the requirements. It was consequently decided that all WFSC clubs would be entitled to a free listing for one show or bourse per year. The usual listing fee (5-cents per word per issue) will be charged for any additional events.

The task of recruiting a new newsletter editor should not be limited to Newsletter Committee members. Instead, it should be thrown out to the entire Executive Board and WFSC membership.

Karen added that when a new editor is found, the committee will be renamed Editorial Advisory Council. The committee's original function when formed in 1994 was to set some policy and standards for the publication as it existed at that time. That task has been completed. The council will act as an advisory group for a new editor.

Verna Shackleton, WFSC Historian, reported the nine volumes are all up to date and they will be on display at WISCOPEX '03.

Greg Schmidt, BLUE BOOK Coordinator, reported that pages continue to be updated. Instructions for ordering sets of the 2002-update pages will appear in the September 2002 issue of Across the Fence Post. Greg thanked those on the Executive Board who have assisted by providing information for BLUE BOOK updates.

Karen Weigt, American Philatelic Society Representative, reported that she has submitted all necessary APS reports and there are currently 27 WFSC clubs that hold APS chapter or affiliate membership. Consequently, the WFSC receives an annual credit from the APS that can be used for purchase of APS publications that are passed on to the WFSC membership in the form of gifts or prizes. The current credit balance is $91.

Karen outlined benefits of APS chapter membership and urged all delegates whose clubs are not members to pick up an application form from her.

In a written report, MaryAnn Bowman, Cover Exchange Program Coordinator, related that the WFSC sponsors the exchange annually and it is open to all stamp clubs, philatelic organizations, and individuals. The program is conducted in conjunction with National Stamp Collecting Month in October. It provides clubs an opportunity to reduce their own inventory of covers by exchanging them for different covers that can be used as club auction items, door prizes, or gifts.

Last year, 270 qualifying covers were submitted. Seventy others were returned for various reasons. There were 20 different participants and only one was from Wisconsin. Karen Weigt, Editor, Wisconsin on Stamps, reported that getting the publication completed would be her main priority as soon as she has completed her commitment as editor of Across the Fence Post.

John Fagan, WFSC Awards Chairman, reported that he has prepared all awards as requested by the Executive Board.

Doug Henkle, WFSC Webmaster, was absent with no available report. Karen Weigt, however, related that in the past, the WFSC had a website under the auspices of the American Philatelic Society's Chapter Activities Committee. Because a third-party Webmaster performed site maintenance, the site was kept brief and updates were requested only twice a year.

When Doug took over as WFSC Webmaster, he created a WFSC site on his own domain. It includes many pages covering a. wide range of material. He is a very detail-oriented individual and has done a super job.

At the last Executive Board meeting, it was decided that the WFSC would acquire its own domain with cash donations that cover costs for a year. Doug was going to handle the mechanics of registering the domain name WFSCstamps.org, getting hosting services through WestHost Inc., and transferring the pages from his domain to the new WFSC site.

Robert J. Mather, 2002 Hall of Fame Reunion Coordinator, related that the WFSC has a tradition of hosting a Hall of Fame reunion every five years and 2002 is a reunion year. Current plans are to host the activity on July 5 in Appleton in conjunction with the Houdini second-day event. The reunion will include a Dutch-treat brunch or luncheon, depending on the time of the second-day ceremony. When that information is known, Bob will reserve space at a nearby location and send out invitations to Hall of Fame members. He plans to create a program for the reunion and provide a souvenir for the occasion as well.

Since several Hall of Fame members are also members of the WFSC Executive Board, a request was made of delegates to determine a budget for the reunion. Expenses might include postage, photocopying, the souvenir item, and possibly a facility rental fee. A motion was made to allow up to $100 for 2002 Hall of Fame reunion expenses. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY



Bids for Future Conventions - The Outagamie Philatelic Society reconfirmed its bid for 2003. The Rockford Stamp Club entered a bid for 2006, which was accepted. There were no bids for 2004, 2005, and 2007.

WFSC-sponsored WISCOPEX 2003 - President Marcus called for a motion to allow the WFSC the option to sponsor its own annual convention and exhibition (WISCOPEX) in 2003. Passing the motion allows the Outagmnie Philatelic Society legal use of the WFSC's Wisconsin State Sales Tax Exemption Number for WISCOPEX 2003 expenses. The motion (bolded) was made. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

Junior Apprentice Judging Program - On behalf of the American Topical Association Chapter V, the delegate of the American Air Mail Society, Billy Mitchell Chapter introduced the matter of developing and implementing a program for youth aged 16 and over to serve as apprentice judges with no decision-making powers. The matter was referred to the WFSC Judging Committee for further consideration.


Hall of Fame Class of 2002 - Greg Schmidt, member of the Hall of Fame Committee, proposed nominees Paul T. Schroeder and Allan C. Marcus for the Class of 2002.

A motion was made to accept the nomination of Paul T. Schroeder. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

A motion was made to accept the nomination of Allan C. Marcus. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

WFSC Dealer Recognition Award - President Marcus announced that the 2002 award recipient is Dwane Kaplenk of Rock Aires Collectables, Rockford, IL. The award presentation will take place at the evening banquet.

2002 Trivia Contest Prize - MaryAnn Bowman submitted a written announcement that the winner of the fifteenth annual contest is the Green Bay Philatelic Society. The prize, a selection of unusual and esoteric philatelic items, will be mailed to the winning club.


Secretary - Karen Weigt was re-elected without opposition. Karen shall serve for a two-year term beginning July 1, 2002.

Treasurer - Deanna Juhnke was re-elected without opposition. Deanna shall serve for a two-year term beginning July 1, 2002.

Vice President, Youth Division - MaryAnn Bowman was re-elected without op-position. MaryAnn shall serve for another one-year term beginning July 1, 2002.

Regional Vice Presidents - The following were re-elected and shall serve for another one-year term beginning July 1, 2002:

Northeast Region - George Stolze Sr.

East Central Region - Vern Witt

Central Region - Jim Johnson

Southeast Region (1) - Art Schmitz

Southeast Region (2) - Kurt Albrecht

South Central Region - Brian J. Liedtke

Because there were two nominees for the Southwest Region VP, 16 votes were cast by written ballot (the Badger Stamp Club delegate had previously left the meeting). The tally was Valerie Cook (14); Ken Grant (2). Valerie Cook was re-elected.


Dwane Kaplenk (Chrmn., WISCOPEX '02), in accordance with bylaws, was automatically appointed to serve a three-year term on the Standing Committee on Exhibitions with Chrmn. Charles Shoemaker and Robert Matzek.

Automatic reappointments to the Nominating Committee are Chrmn. Vern Witt, Greg Schmidt and Paul T. Schroeder.

Frank Moertl was appointed to serve another three-year term on the Hall of Fame Committee with Chrmn. Greg Schmidt and Verna Shackleton. Verna fills a vacancy due to Jim Maher's death. She shall serve Jim's remaining two-year term.

Paul T. Schroeder was appointed to the Finance Committee. He also fills a vacancy left by Jim Maher's death.

Karen Weigt was appointed Newsletter Editor through completion of the December 2002 issue of Across the Fence Post.


Footloose Filatelists - John Fagan, chief hinge licker of the Footloose Filatelists of America (Wisconsin Pane), reported a treasury balance of $171. He also has an inventory of several gift/award items. Many of the books that he previously had were converted to cash by using them as auction items. The books were beyond the level of interest for youth. John suggested that the WFSC might use its American Philatelic Society credit to purchase copies of the "APS Stamp Identifier" and donate them to the Footloose Filatelists. The Footloose Filatelists' only purpose is to provide awards and gifts for WISCOPEX youth exhibitors.

APS Presidential Candidate Promotion - Ray Vedder, WFSC past-president, encouraged support for Janet Klug, who is running for office of APS president. Ray's main focus was on Klug's objection to the APS purchase of the Match Factory at Bellefonte, PA.


A moment of silence was observed in honor of the following WFSC members deceased in the past year: John Drascic, George Fin, Glen Larson, Morris Luck, Jim Maher, Daniel Rhoades, Jim Seiler, and Ken Tapper.


A motion was made to thank the Rockford Stamp Club for hosting the 2002 WFSC convention and exhibition.

The meeting adjourned at 2:53 p.m.

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