Minutes of the 2004 WFSC's Annual Business Meeting

Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs 73rd Annual Convention, April 24, 2004

President Brian J. Liedtke called the 73rd Annual Business Meeting of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs to order at 1:05 p.m. at the Iola Old Car Show Activity Center, Iola, WI. He welcomed all delegates and then gave the invocation.


Secretary Karen Weigt read the roll call of member clubs and 18 delegates-responded, having previously presented their credentials. The total, therefore, of  2004 membership represented was 18 (listed below); total not represented was 14.

Fond du Lac Stamp Club

Green Bay Philatelic Society

Janesville Stamp Club

Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club

Milwaukee Philatelic Society

2004 membership represented was 18 (listed below); total not represented was 14.

American Topical Association, Chapter 5

Badger Stamp Club

Central Wisconsin Stamp Club

Monroe Stamp and Postcard Club

Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club

Northwoods Philatelic Society (Iron Mountain)

Oshkosh Philatelic Society

Outagamie Philatelic Society

Ripon Philatelic Society

Rockford Stamp Club

Sheboygan Stamp Club

Waukesha County Philatelic Society Wisconsin

Valley Philatelic Society


Treasurer Deatma Juhnke announced that total WFSC membership is 32 clubs. This represents 907 individuals. The WFSC also has 19 members-at-large. She added that the Cooney Numismatists and Philatelists, Ltd. is no longer meeting. The group, therefore, did not pay 2004 dues and resigned its WFSC membership.


A motion was made to approve the minutes of the 2003 Annual Business Meeting. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


President Brian J. Liedtke stated that he is honored to serve as WFSC president and thanked Executive Board members, appointees and others who helped the WFSC accomplish the following within the past year:

• Transition of Across the Fence Post to new Editor Ted Gifford as of the January 2004 issue;

• American Topical Association chapter membership;

• The execution of WISCOPEX `04 without a host club, rather through the efforts of individuals within WFSC leadership positions;

• WFSC sanctioned single-frame exhibit championship competition held at DANEPEX, which is sponsored by the Badger Stamp Club, and;

• WFSC website redesign.

As president, Brian has made preliminary contacts with other state and regional federations, he appointed Ted Gifford as chairman of the Editorial Advisory Committee and Robert Mather as ATA chapter representative, and he regularly wrote the "President's Message" that appears in Across the Fence Post.

Brian stated that he attended meetings of the American Topical Association Chapter 5, the Waukesha County Philatelic Society, Milwaukee Philatelic Society and Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club. He also attended the Summer 2003 and January 2004 WFSC Executive Board meetings. Brian additionally completed his WFSC judging apprenticeship.

Vice President Hank Schmidt said that he continues to stand ready if it should be-come necessary for him to take up the duties of the presidency, and he thanked WFSC officers for keeping him informed of business matters. Hank added that he attended two of the three Executive Board meetings held within the past year and visited two clubs within his area: the Ripon Philatelic Society and the Fond du Lac Stamp Club.

He produced a cacheted cover for the 150th anniversary of the Republican Party. The Ripon Philatelic Society sold the covers at Ripon's celebration of the Republican Party's anniversary. He also helped produce a cover for the Oshkosh Philatelic Society (his home club) in honor of OPS's 1400th meeting.

Karen Weigt, Secretary, reported that she performed all the usual duties associated with her position. This includes a lot of record keeping, preparing meeting agendas and transcribing minutes. Some long-overdue projects were completed this past year:

• Minutes of all Executive Board and Annual Business meetings were pulled together and filed in three-ring binders. The minutes go back to the WFSC's very first convention held in March 1932. In many cases, copies of minutes were acquired by scanning the published versions that appeared in past WFSC bulletins and newsletters.

• The editor's file cabinet was cleaned and contents were inventoried, bound and labeled. Issues of WFSC bulletins and newsletters go back to the 1930s. The cabinet was then transferred to Ted Gifford, current WFSC newsletter editor.

• The WFSC's "Guidelines for the Editor" was completed with two copies of the pages assembled in three-ring binders. One copy was turned over to Ted. The Executive Board directed that the second copy be held in the WFSC's Central Office and updated as needed by the WFSC secretary.

Treasurer Deanna Juhnke referred delegates to the 2003 WFSC financial report. A summary of income and expense figures are:

1/1/03 12/31/03

Checking and Savings

(CD) on Hand _ $9848.19 $10,188.01

Deanna explained that $945 of the total in-come represents a portion of WISCOPEX '04 dealer table fees and expected WISCOPEX '04 expenses of a minimum of $2000 have not yet been received. Net loss on Across the Fence Post was $1304.84. ,

A motion was made to approve the treasurer's report. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

MaryAnn Bowman, Vice President, Youth Division, was absent due to her responsibilities with the youth table in the exhibition hall. Her written report stated that Wisconsin continues its efforts to promote youth philately through several active youth clubs. WISCOPEX attendees should note the large number of youth exhibits, a testimony to the clubs and the leaders who graciously give of their time and materials to help youth collectors succeed.

MaryAnn continues to contribute ideas about working with kids and various activities to keep them engaged in the hobby. In addition to writing for Across the Fence Post, she also writes for and works closely with both the American Philatelic Society and American Topical Association while serving in various youth capacities. MaryAnn thanked the number of individuals and WFSC clubs that have supported youth through their generous donations of stamps, sup-plies and other philatelic material.

AI Marcus, Northeast Region VP, reported that he has visited meetings of all clubs in his region except the Wisconsin Postal History Society. He plans to attend their 2004 annual meeting, which will be April 25.

All clubs seem to have dwindling member-ship. Al was, however, impressed with the Northrvoods Philatelic Society (Iron Mountain), where he noted an average of 20 to 25 in meeting attendance even though many members travel great distances. While at a Green Bay Philatelic Society meeting, he heard a fascinating presentation by one of the members on the subject of fakes and forgeries. The Outaganrie Philatelic Society's annual show is always well attended and dealers are surprised at the number of families that participate.

Vern Witt, East Central Region VP, re-ported that he had visited all six clubs in his region. He also presented two WFSC District Representative's Awards: Henry J. (Hank) Schmidt, of the Oshkosh Philatelic Society; and Mary Yahr, of the Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club. Award recipients will be featured in the "Who's Who in the WFSC" column that appears in Across the Fence Post. President Liedtke explained that the District Representative's Award is presented at the discretion of the WFSC Regional VPs to individuals of the various clubs who have contributed to the hobby.

Jim Johnson, Central Region VP, was absent with no submitted report. The delegate from the Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society (Wausau) stated that Jim has moved from central Wisconsin to the Milwaukee area.

Art Schmitz, Southeast Region VP, stated that he had visited each club in his region at least once during the past year. He also attended several of those clubs' social and holiday events. He presented two WFSC District Representative's Awards. Recipients were Frank Garniss and Leonard Glass, of the Belle City Stamp Club and the Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club. Art said it is gratifying to see that more clubs are giving thought to suggesting candidates for the award.

Art related that one club in his region was disappointed that he (Art) could not serve as the club's delegate at the WFSC's Annual Business Meeting. Secretary Karen Weigt responded that the policy was implemented some 15 years ago to encourage new faces at the meeting and in-creased involvement with the WFSC. President Liedtke added that officers meet quarterly and vote at WFSC Executive Board meetings. The Annual Business Meeting is for the clubs as represented by their delegates. Art requested that the policy be reviewed at the next Executive Board meeting.

Kurt Albrecht, the second Southeast Region VP, was absent with no submitted report. Art Gaffney, South Central Region VP, reported that since the Cooney Numismatists and Philatelists disbanded, there are only two clubs in his region. He contacted the Lake County Philatelic Society by phone and learned their usual meeting attendance is 12 to 14 and they are in need some younger members.

Art is a member of the Waukesha County Philatelic Society and regularly gets to their meetings that draw an attendance of between 15 to 30. The club has developed a trifold publicity brochure with a membership application form. It is available in conjunction with club exhibits that periodically appear at the Waukesha County Museum and at the Waukesha Post Office during National Stamp Collecting Month.

Valerie Cook, Southwest Region VP, stated that she attended most of the WFSC Executive Board meetings and has visited all but one of the clubs in her region. She presented two WFSC District Representative's Awards: Tim Wait, of the Rockford Stamp Club; and Karen Weigt, of the Badger Stamp Club.

Valerie also helped further the hobby by presenting a program about stamp collecting at the Hedberg Public Library in Janesville for middle- and high-school students.


Deanna Juhnke, Chrmn., Finance Committee, reported that no committee action was required in the past year. In response to a delegate inquiry, Deanna confirmed that a qualified individual audits WFSC financial records annually. Art Arntsen, of the Badger Stamp Club, performed the auditing for several years. AI Vick, also of the Badger Stamp Club, will audit the 2003 records.

Karen Weigt, member of the Publicity and Public Relations Committee, reported that she handled a large portion of publicity for this year's WISCOPEX. All of her efforts were done under the direction of General Chairman Maurice Wozniak. Calendar listing information was submitted to both the philatelic press and public media, including newspapers, TV and radio stations within a 50-mile radius of Iola. WISCOPEX was also posted on various Internet sites. Additionally, news releases went out to the philatelic press and newspapers in the central Wisconsin area.

Karen staffed the WFSC table at least year's MILCOPEX and coordinated the WISCOPEX society booth. She produced the usual annual show/bourse/club meeting information flier that has been a useful document for publicizing WFSC member clubs and their shows and bourses. She provided update information to the WFSC Webmaster for posting on the website. She continues to filter "Club News" items to the WFSC newsletter editor and coordinates the "Show Calendar and Registry." She also passes along "WFSC Announcement" items to the editor.

MaryAnn Bowman, the other member of the Publicity and Public Relations Commit-tee, stated in her written report that she produced the fourth in a series of WFSC mini-exhibit pages that were distributed to every club with the mailing of the September 2003 issue of Across the Fence Post. The exhibit centered around the theme of American filmmaking.

The idea for the project was born when the WFSC was challenged by one of its members to help clubs promote philately. As originally conceived, a set of exhibit pages for WFSC member-club use would be created to compliment the U.S. Postal Service's National Stamp Collecting Month theme. In the first year, the space theme was utilized to take advantage of the stamps issued for World Stamp Expo. In 2001, she was able to develop an exhibit around the NSCM theme of cartoons. In 2002, the Houdini stamp was featured with a magic-of-stamp-collecting theme.

Each page of the mini-exhibits includes a written narrative with space allowed for clubs to plug in appropriate but easily obtainable philatelic material. Although the exhibits are created with U.S. stamps in mind, foreign issues related to the theme can be used, too. When completed, the exhibits can be displayed at a local library, post office, school, or some other public place with the hope that they will attract both adult and youth noncollectors to the hobby.

MaryAnn requested that clubs let the WFSC know if this is a project that should be continued. She also asked if clubs consider it important to relate the exhibit themes to the Postal Service's National Stamp Collecting Month theme, or would any topic be just as interesting?

President Liedtke called for a response to MaryAnn's questions and Robert Mather explained again that the exhibit pages are all set up with text and space for mounting material. Clubs only have to call upon their members to collectively come up with appropriate items to place within the spaces on the pages.

Delegates from eight clubs indicated an interest in continuing the program. One delegate suggested that clubs be asked through Across the Fence Post as to whether or not they want to receive the exhibit pages and then send them only to the clubs that respond. Robert Mather commented that if MaryAnn goes through all the effort of creating the pages, they might as well be furnished to all clubs as it isn't that costly to include them in the Across the Fence Post mailing. As for the theme, some delegates agreed it might be difficult to do something on the 2004 NSCM theme of clouds.

President Liedtke stated that delegate comments would be considered at the next WFSC Executive Board meeting.

Frank Moertl, Chrmn., Judging Committee, submitted a written report read by President Liedtke. Frank reported that the WFSC Currently has one youth apprentice; two adults will possibly begin an apprenticeship.

Jay Bigatke, sole member of the Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee, reported that a Robert M. ("Fighting Bob") La Follette Sr. is expected to be issued in 2005 in Wisconsin as a part of the Distinguished Americans series. It is hoped that the U.S. Postal Service will announce the new stamp in August.

Robert Matzek, Chrmn., Committee on Exhibitions, was absent with no submitted report.

Karen Weigt, Chrmn., Bylaws Committee, reported that within the past year there were no proposals for amendments to either the WFSC bylaws or Standing Rules. Consequently, no committee action was needed.


Ted Gifford, Newsletter Editor, related that he has now completed five issues of Across the Fence Post without any major problems that he's aware of. The PageMaker program used for publishing the newsletter, however, is quite complicated and he is having some difficulty with it.

Ted added that their are four regular columns listed in the "Guidelines for the Editor" for which he has not yet received any articles. It was suggested that he contact those writers to request articles from them. Ted also emphasized that the deadline date for submissions is the first of the month preceding the issue date and he plans to reinforce that policy in the future. Anything received on the second day of the month will not be published.

Ted further stated that he has attended all WFSC Executive Board meetings.

Dave Carney, ATFP Ad Manager, was absent with no submitted report.

Ted Gifford, Chrmn., Editorial Advisory Council, reported that he was just recently appointed to the chairmanship and there's been no council activity since that time.

A delegate asked if there might be a WFSC member who could draw cartoons for the newsletter. President Liedtke responded that any volunteer who could provide cartoons or other graphics would be welcomed.

Verna Slrackleton, WFSC Historian, re-ported that all nine volumes of historical material are in good shape and they were all on display at WISCOPEX `03.

Brian J. Liedtke, BLUE BOOK Coordinator, reported that the WFSC's BLUE BOOK is a comprehensive guide for running an exhibition. A copy of the book is available to any club for use in sponsoring their own show or hosting WISCOPEX. Brian has one hard copy of the original pages plus a digital copy in Microsoft WORD. Updates are done annually, and he plans to have the necessary update pages available within the next two months.

Karen Weigt, American Philatelic Society Representative for the WFSC, reported that she has submitted all necessary reports involved with the WFSC's chapter membership. Twenty-six of the WFSC's 32 clubs also hold APS chapter or affiliate membership. The WFSC, therefore, receives an annual credit that can be used for purchasing APS publications that are passed on to WFSC members in the form of gifts or prizes. The current credit balance is $77.80.

Karen urged all clubs to seek APS chapter membership. Benefits include slides shows that can be presented at club meetings, receipt of regular mailings of APS circuit books, and a quarterly APS Chapter Activities Committee Newsletter. Karen offered membership application forms to all interested club delegates.

Karen added that the APS has announced that it will be moved into its new quarters at Bellefonte, PA, as of June 1.

Robert Mather, American Topical Association Representative for the WFSC, re-ported that he is very involved with the ATA and it's anticipated that he soon will be elected president of the organization. He's, therefore, aware that there are many advantages to ATA chapter membership. In the case of the WFSC, it also is free.

Bob had urged the WFSC to join the ATA and handled submitting the paperwork. The WFSC is now ATA chapter No. 107. As such, the WFSC has added the ATA chapter’s director to its mailing list for complimentary copies of Across the Fence Post. In turn, the chapter’s director will include WFSC news items in his column that appears regularly in Topical Time, the ATA's bimonthly journal. This provides publicity for the WFSC. The WFSC also receives regular copies of Topical Time that will be placed annually on the WFSC's table at WISCOPEX. Having the opportunity to see the publication may encourage other clubs and individuals to join the ATA.

MaryAnn Bowman, Cover Exchange Pro-gram Coordinator, related via written report that the WFSC sponsors the exchange annually and it is open to all stamp clubs, philatelic organizations, and individuals. The program is conducted in conjunction with National Stamp Collecting Month in October. It provides clubs an opportunity to reduce their own inventory of covers by exchanging them for different covers that can be used as club auction items, door prizes, or gifts. In 2003, 20 different participants were involved in the exchange of over 200 commemorative and first-day covers. It's anticipated that the program will be offered nationwide again this year.

Karen Weigt, Editor, Wisconsin on Stamps, said she's sorry to say that all re-search materials and rough pages of the revised edition of Wisconsin on Stamps are still packed in two big boxes awaiting her attention. The status of progress on the publication, therefore, hasn't changed for the past three years. Karen stated that she has just been too overwhelmed with other catch-up projects since retiring from other WFSC responsibilities. She does hope to be able to eventually be able to get back to the publication. Karen added that she realizes that she has neglected it for far too long and if someone else wants to take over, she certainly won't feel offended.

In the absence of John Fagan, WFSC Awards Chairman, Secretary Karen Weigt read his report. John stated that he redesigned the WFSC District Representatives Award and sent copies of it and the recipient informational forms to all regional VPs. A copy of the new award design was displayed and all agreed that John-did a great job on it. John further reported that he prepared the 2004 Hall of Fame and the WFSC Dealer Recognition Award certificates.

Jay Bigalke, WFSC Webmaster, said he updated the site at the end of January and also did a graphical overhaul. He has another up-date in hand and will get to it as soon as time allows. A delegate asked if it was possible to post Across the Fence Post on the site so clubs could download it and save the WFSC postage costs. Secretary Karen Weigt commented that this involves a matter of security, as there are many WFSC members who do not want their names published on any Internet websites. It would be difficult to remove names or obtain publishing permission for a Web version of each ATFP issue.

Karen Weigt, Speakers Bureau Coordinator, reported that there are five speakers on the WFSC bureau list, which was published in the November 2003 issue of Across the Fence Post. A copy of the list also was enclosed with each club's 2004 WFSC dues notice. These five individuals are willing to attend club meetings to present a program on their specialties. For those who missed the list, Karen offered extra copies to interested delegates. She also asked for more volunteers to add to the list.



Bids for Future Conventions - The Badger Stamp Club reconfirmed its bid for 2005; the Rockford Stamp Club reconfirmed its bid for 2006. There were no bids for 2007, 2008, and 2009.

WFSC-sponsored WISCOPEX 2005 (By-laws Legality) - President Liedtke called for a motion to allow the WFSC the option to sponsor its own annual convention and exhibition (WISCOPEX) in 2005. Passing the motion allows the Badger Stamp Club legal use of the WFSC's Wisconsin State Sales Tax Ex-emption Number for WISCOPEX 2005 expenses. The motion (bolded) was made. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


Hall of Fame Class of 2004 - Verna Shackleton, Chrmn., Hall of Fame Committee, proposed nominees Mary Ann Sarsfield Koerner (deceased) and Raymond J. Vedder for the Class of 2004.

A motion was made to accept the nominations of Mary Ann Sarsfield Koerner and Raymond J. Vedder. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

WFSC Dealer Recognition Award - President Liedtke announced that the 2004 award recipient is Bill Robinson, of Green Bay, WI. The award presentation will take place at the evening banquet.

2004 Trivia Contest Prize - On behalf of MaryAnn Bowman, President Liedtke announced the winner of the seventeenth annual contest is the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club, which answered all questions correctly and had the earliest postmark on their contest entry. The club's delegate was presented with the prize, which consisted of a selection of unusual and esoteric philatelic items.


Secretary - Karen Weigt was re-elected without opposition. Karen shall serve for a two-year term beginning July 1, 2004.

Treasurer - Deanna Juhnke was re-elected without opposition. Deanna shall serve for another two-year term beginning July 1, 2004.

Vice President, Youth Division - MaryAnn Bowman was re-elected without op-position. MaryAnn shall serve for another one-year term beginning July 1, 2004.

Regional Vice Presidents - The following shall serve for a one-year term beginning July I, 2004:

Committee with Chrmn. Frank Moertl and Tim Wait.

Ted Gifford was re-appointed Newsletter Editor.


Footloose Philatelists - In a written report, John Fagan, Chief Hinge Licker of the Foot-loose Philatelists of America (Wisconsin Pane), reported a treasury balance of $165.


A moment of silence was observed in honor of the following WFSC members deceased in the past year: Joanne Anderson, Harold Haferbecker, John Horn, Joe Hostasch, Hanie S. Kalian, Richard Ledford and Bob Sparks.


A motion was made to thank the WISCOPEX 2004 host committee: Maurice Wozniak (general chairman), Paul T. Schroeder (vice chairman), Robert Mather (bourse), Verna Shackleton and Brian J. Liedtke (exhibits), MaryAnn Bowman (youth), Karen Weigt (publicity), Jay Bigalke (show cover and cancel), Deanna Juhnke (finance). MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

A motion was made for a special vote of thanks to General Chairman Maurice Wozniak. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

The meeting adjourned at 2:44 p.m.

(Newly elected without opposition) Central Region - Gregg Greenwald (re-elected without opposition) Northeast Region - A1 Marcus East Central Region - Vern Witt South Central - Art Gaffney Southeast Region (1) - Art Schmitz Southeast Region (2) - Kurt Albrecht Southwest Region - Valerie Cook


Maurice Wozniak (Chrmn., WISCOPEX `04), in accordance with bylaws, was automatically appointed to serve a three-year term on the Standing Committee on Exhibitions with Chrmn. Dwane Kaplenk and A1 Marcus.

Automatic appointments to the Nominating Committee are Chrmn. Greg Schmidt, Paul T. Schroeder and Al Marcus.

Verna Shackleton was appointed to serve another three-year term on the Hall of Fame

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