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Joe Kowalski - Fond du Lac Stamp Club.
Joe Kowalski - Fond du Lac Stamp Club.
James E. Byrne - Wisconsin Postal History Society. More than a dozen variations of the hand-cut 4-pointed star cancellation were used in Hartford, Wisconsin in the 1860s and 1870s with the circular date stamp in blue ink. Although the postmark does not identify the year of mailing, the 1ȼ Washington National Bank Note printing with a grill which franks this cover can be dated to 1867-1870.
James E. Byrne - Wisconsin Postal History Society. Wisconsin port cities on Lakes Michigan and Superior were important connecting points for railroads and Great Lakes’ passenger steamships. A person could take a Great Lakes’ excursion one way and return home by train. This cover postmarked 7 December 1900 was sent from the Milwaukee office of the Anchor Line, a steamship company owned by The Erie & Western Transportation Company, a railroad company, to a person in Chicago, and it was processed in a Chicago and Minneapolis Railway Post Office car attached to a passenger train on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad.
Darlene Waterstreet - Green Bay Stamp Club. FROM A USPS NEWS RELEASE The U.S. Postal Service teams up with Washington House Museum in Two Rivers, WI, for the issuing of the Soda Fountain Favorites stamps along with the unveiling of the new Pictorial Postmark Art. … The stamps will be on sale during the event and can be used on cards and letters and then cancelled with the special postmark. Two Rivers, WI, is widely known as the home of the ice cream Sunday, ever since 1881 when Edward C. Berners, a business owner of a soda fountain and ice cream parlor prepared ice cream with chocolate syrup on it. NOTE USPS MISSPELLING OF SUNDAY IN RELEASE AND CANCELLATION.
Robert Jobe - Baraboo Area Stamp Club. Baraboo air mail with receiving post mark on back- Milwaukee Wis - May 20 at 6:30 PM 1938.
Joe Kowalski - Fond du Lac Stamp Club.
Clete Delvaux, president of Journals, Authors, and Poets On Stamps (JAPOS). Edna Ferber grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin. Her first ambition was to be an actress. But at 17, when her father went blind, she took a newspaper job with the Appleton Post Crescent. She later had a successful career with the Milwaukee Journal and the Chicago Tribune before she became an acclaimed novelist and playwright. She won a Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1925.
Daniel Young - Madison - Badger Stamp Club. One of my favorite covers combines two of my hobbies, stamp collecting and autograph collecting. I attended the May 29, 1998 Wisconsin Statehood stamp first day ceremony at our state capitol, (where I worked at the time). After obtaining my cancellations, I got autographs on various covers. This one has the autographs of three Wisconsin Governors, Tommy G. Thompson, Lee Sherman Dreyfus and Patrick J. Lucey. The gentlemen were on their way from the ceremony to the Governor's Office, when I was able to get their autographs on my cover.
I like combo covers, like this one combining the two Wisconsin Statehood stamps on it. I created other combo covers that day. Later, I used some of my 1998 statehood covers for combo cancellation covers adding the Wisconsin Greetings from America stamp on April 4, 2002, at another first day ceremony that I attended at our state capitol.
Sharon Brainerd Whitney, APS ATA Badger stamp Club. This cover is from the Wisconsin section of my United States stamps, covers, and narratives collection. I am not sure the source of this cover which is a bit unique with the rectangle surrounding the seal in raised white satin with a gold border. The cancel is very nice.
Sharon Brainerd Whitney, APS ATA Badger stamp Club. This cover is from the Wisconsin section of my United States stamps, covers, and narratives collection. I believe I purchased this cover at a DANEPEX Show. This was done when the Wisconsin State quarter was issued. The envelope has an opening showing the included coin-- a bit unusual for a cover.