Here are the WISCOPEX '92 Exhibits Awards!!!!


Best of show, Blue & Gray Society Award, Gold Award - Confederate States Of America, By: Gary Zink, Madison

1st Grand, Wisconsin Postal History Society State Award, Gold Award - Wisconsin In The Civil War, By: Roger H. Oswald, Manitowoc

A.P.S. Cert, 2nd Grand, A.P.S. Award, Gold Award - Postal History-Wisconsin Flag Cancels, By: Harold C. Myhre, Madison

3rd Grand, Gold Award - Revalued Issues Of 1920's, By: Tom Michler, Fond du Lac Silver Award - Alice In Blunderland, By: Charles K. Luks, Parsippany, NJ

Bronze Award - Whimsical Twos, By: Karen Weigt, Middleton

Bronze Award, A.T.A. Cert - Orchids In The Caribbean, By: Fred L. Ericrsen, Fond Du Lac


1st. Grand, H.E. Harris Medal, Gold Award – A Study of Butterflies, By: Amy Galaszewski, Wauwatosa

2nd Grand, J.P.A. Blue Ribbon, Gold Award - Railroads On Stamps, By: Paul Galaszewski, Wauwatosa

3rd Grand, Gold Award - History Of Washington D.C., By: Scott Weir, New Holstein

Creativity Award, Gold Award - Who's The Best, By: Amy Galaszewski, Wauwatosa

Research Award, F.D.C.C.W. Award, Gold Award - Wildlife Of Wisconsin, By: Jeff Schaffer, Madison

A.T.A. Youth Award, Gold Award, Peoples Choice Award - Santa Claus, By: David Brooks, Plymouth

Gold Award - Air Travel, By: Jonathan Weir, New Holstein

Silver Award - What's Flying, By: Paul Galaszewski, Wauwatosa

Silver Award - Wild Cats, By: Alexis Gill, Madison

Silver Award - American Freedom Fighters, By: Louise Books, Waukesha

Silver Award - Stamps That Honor Boy Scouts, By: Louise Books, Waukesha

Silver Award - Horses Around The World, By: Sharon Davidson, Oregon

Silver Award - Flowers In Our Lives, By: Ellice Miller, Wauwatosa

Bronze Award - Birds-Stamps & Cancellations, By: Kathryn Weir, New Holstein

Bronze Award - Flowers, By: Jennifer Weir, New Holstein

Bronze Award - Space-The Final Frontier, By: Alexis Gill, Madison

Bronze Award - Different Kinds Of Airplanes, By: Christopher Minnich, Waukesha

Bronze Award - Dog-Man's Best Friend, By: Stephanie Minnich, Waukesha

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