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Annual Convention and Exhibition of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs
April 10, 2010
at Valley Christian Schools, 3450 Vinland Road, Oshkosh, 10am-5pm, free admission


WISCOPEX '10 will be hosted by the Oshkosh Philatelic Society (contact: Al Marcus, ).


Free Stamp Wallet

WISCOPEX 2010 stamp walletAll attendees will receive a small stockcard in a decorative folder, ideal for showing off a new acquisition at your next club meeting.


Out of the Closet into the Frame:

Non-competitive 4 and 8 page exhibits wanted for WISCOPEX

WISCOPEX 2010, to be held in Oshkosh on April 10th, invites ALL collectors to dig through their collections and accumulations to find philatelic material to share with the collecting public at the WFSC's annual convention and exhibition. The goal is to get the material out of the darkness of our closets and shoeboxes and into the light of frames where more people can enjoy the depth and breadth of our collecting interests. Whether a topic, a country, a set of stamps, or even a mini-exhibit on one stamp design — your participation is welcomed.

The WFSC recognizes that not all collectors have the time, material or even the desire to jump right into competitive exhibiting with 16 pages. WISCOPEX 2010, therefore, will have a special class of non-competitive 4 and 8 page exhibits. This is a way to share your love of the hobby and attract attention to the many facets of philately.

Each 8½ by 11 inch page should be mounted in a page protector and the exhibitor's name and address should be on the back of each page. Applications will be due by March 15, 2010 unless prior arrangements have been made with Exhibits Chair, Robert Henak.

For further information, contact Robert Henak, P.O. Box 170832, Milwaukee, WI 53217, 414-351-1519, or at .

Forms for download (PDF's):

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